Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outdoor Decorating Begins

The snow is falling
so before the soil in my planters and urns freezes
I have to start the outdoor decorations
fresh pine boughs and red dogwood branches
are the beginning.

In a few weeks I will add some mini white lights
and bulbs to the branches in my urns. begins!
I took some old maple syrup buckets and am using
them for my outdoor natural decorations...
so, pine branches, dogwood and sumack
make up the final look.

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  1. Donna, they look so beautiful! I love the idea of planting bulbs in the boxes to bloom in spring! Is it still snowing?

  2. Hey Pamela that is a good idea! I guess that would work though. I actually mean Christmas bulbs. I usually hang some red glass bulbs from the pine boughs in my urns to add some colour....but I hold off until December 1.
    Yes, Pamela, it was a winter wonderland here yesterday although raining in Quebec city.

  3. Oh Donna, it is all beginning to look so beautiful! I can just imagine how lovely it must look with the lights twinkling at night.

  4. LOVE the greenery, and I want to see photos with the little white fairy lights! :D

    Ricki Jill

  5. So pretty, especially the red dogwood branches!

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I usually wait to put up the lights but....I noticed a neighbour putting his up today! We usually have a December 1st rule around here.
    Once up I will do the boxes and urns 'full force' as we say here.

  7. Beautiful! How do you get the branches to stay put in the urns? And how to you keep the urns from blowing away in the winter winds?

    1. The urns are made of cast iron and not the plastic variety so they stay put. I would imagine rocks in the bottom of the plastic ones would help keep them in place. Now, as for the branches....well that is always a bit tricky. I try to get them into my pots before freezing. I have soil in the bottom, not a lot but enough to hold the branches in place. Once it freezes they are there for the winter. Not a great way to do things, I realize but with out weather it seems to be the only one that works. :)


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