Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Preparation

 Well, the Celtic music is playing in the background
the tourtière filling is made and just waiting for the completed pie crust....

Christmas is all about traditions for us,
and the addition of new ones is always welcome...
perhaps this year the eggnog pots de crème
will become a regular at this time of year
we will see but
it certainly looks like it
is going to be lovely!!

Lobster will be the hors d'oeuvre for tonight
with a glass of well-chilled Lillet
a tasty French Apéritif.
The party will be off by 7 p.m.!!
Be safe everyone....
Joyeux Noël

À tantôt


  1. Merry Christmas!
    Lobster, Tortiere and creme brulee with some very tasty wine - life is good!
    I made an eggnog creme brulee this year - tasty! I also made tortiere - tasty! No lobster, but now I live on Vancouver Island, so it would be crab. I am from NS, so do love lobster too!
    Happy Christmas

  2. Quebec City must have been one of the few places in Canada to have snow and cold temps for Christmas. Even Winnipeg, which usually can be counted on for a white Christmas, had only a couple of cms of snow and temps just below zero.

    Your house is such a perfect one to decorate for Christmas - it just seems to fit. You sound like you had such a lovely time with your outdoor fun and lovely snow drifting down.


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