Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas House Tour

 I have been slowing down somewhat with blogging...
too much to do before Christmas!
I am one of those last-minute shoppers so
today I plan to get the majority of it done
and will probably save a few items for my
annual shopping excursion on the 23rd!
Believe it or not, the malls are very quiet around here on that night...
there is a blanket of serenity that hangs over that cement monster
allowing people like me to saunter in and out of stores
picking up any pre-Christmas sales....
 but before taking off,
let me take you on a wee Christmas tour of our home...
So, come on in....
we love to make use of old maple syrup sap buckets and fresh greenery...
You will see the tree right away....

our home is not large but certainly cozy...
 an old all-wood ski chalet
so somewhat rustic.
The kitchen is certainly the hang-out so it gets lots of touches
of greenery...
The pantry ..... left side
and the right side.....
 the diningroom.....

a little greenery in the chandelier.....
the buffet....tiny as it is.....
 my favourite Christmas flower...the amaryllis
ends up in different spots around the house..... 

and on the stairs down to the basement...
this year I found these little battery-operated 'candles' that are
lovely in the bottom of these jars....
Basement has its own little tree...
 Of course my office needed a little touch of Christmas too!

 the snow has certainly changed this image
but it was too cold outside for me to go and get an updated image of the urns!
I do have one of the front though with the fresh snow falling......
And with that fresh snow as a send-off.....
Joyeux Noël !!

À tantôt


  1. Your house is so charming and full of really great pieces...certainly not a mall look, but carefully bought and placed. Again, I am LOVING that pantry's just wonderful

  2. Oh Donna, your home looks lovely all decked out for Christmas!
    I love your polka dotted tree skirt, and your dining room is fabulous!

    I've slowed down on blogging too. I've been trying to make the rounds, but there's just so much to do around here!

  3. I love your home and it's beautiful Christmas decor. I didn't know it was a ski chalet. It looks like one when you show photos of the front porch. If I don't get another chance I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Pamela

  4. I just adore that red-skirted counter. So festive! andrea@townadnprairie

  5. I love all your decor. So fresh and beautiful. My favorite by far is your lovely pantry. (Is there such a thing as a pantry crush?)

  6. Beautiful! I love every detail! Had to pin the wall gallery in your living room. Thank you for joining the party!

  7. Hello hello and Merry Christmas - so nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting the Lane.Your chalet looks beautiful in it's festive finery - hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year,

    with love, sarah -x-

  8. your home is beautiful!!! i LOVE you dining room! it looks amazing! merry christmas!

  9. I hope you are okay with me awarding you the Liebster Award. You certainly deserve it! Love everything about your home! ~ Maureen

  10. I LOVE your house. It is just wonderful. It's also very clear that you do not have a black dog. :<)

  11. Nan, if you scroll down you will see our golden lab! We adore him but you know we did have a black lab at one point. None of our dogs have gone on the furniture for some reason. Anyway, those covers wash up lovely in the washing machine so all is good! I do love the look of your dog Nan!

  12. It looks like several of you will need to find a spot to hang a santa curtain next year in your own home. It really has been a fun touch around here....makes the pantry somewhat special too!

  13. Love your home, love your Santa pantry, visiting from the Nester Christmas Tour!


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