Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Need You! J'ai besoin de vous!

 Okay, so here is the deal,
Saturday night marks our 15th anniversary of our Christmas party...
(well, 15 or 16....not too sure)
We usually have about 35
and that includes around 8 -10 children...
sounds like a lot perhaps
but it kicks off the Christmas season for all of us
and it is
simply put...
a good time!
all ages decorate houses....
and every year we have had adults that have as much
fun decorating as their children.

 and of course
the evening ends off here.
on the dance floor... (better known as the small patch of floor
in front of the french doors)

hang on here a second...
rewind please!
my reason that I am calling this,
"I need you" or as we would say here in Québec...
".j'ai besoin de vous!"
the food.
Oh yes, the food is always an important aspect of any party.
So this year I am struggling for ideas...
I need a change....
so far, I have
homemade meatballs
chicken satays.....or should I say chicken passé?
the basic cheese selection etc.
but what else??
Any ideas?

À tantôt


  1. A cheese fondue?? Just have extra dip in the fridge to pop in when you get low, and tons of veggies, breads and meats. Everything tastes better with cheese ;)

  2. You are sooo right! Everything does taste better with cheese! Thanks CountryBelle, I always forget about cheese fondue! Well, party is on in 9 hours!

  3. How about some fruit dipped in chocolate and arranged on a pretty platter? Everyone loves chocolate!
    Hope you have a nice party.


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