Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Indulging     present participle of in dulge (verb)
Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of....... 

As a child I always remember the buffet in the diningroom
as the keeper of good things
at Christmas...
the drawers would often act as the hiding place for something
that my mother was trying to keep guarded as a treat during the holidays.
And often you could find something yummy in a bowl
to nibble on as you bathed
in the wonders of indulgence....

Ah yes,
chocolate, pistachios and cashews
are always
a Christmas indulgence around here.

À tantôt


  1. Those are some of my favorite indulgences as well! Yum.

  2. Yes nuts are a weakness for me.
    Now back to the real world. No sweets,nuts, pop, etc. lookout world for a new me...


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