Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kitchen Tree

I have always wanted one
and this year I made
the leap...
$19.99 and I got it!
I have seen it everywhere...
like here..
on the counter
not one decoration but simply lovely...

 and down here... on the floor

 a real Scandinavian feel...
and here...
back on the counter
oh my and covered with candies...

but I think it is here
that I gained my inspiration....
on the table
with pinks and purples and colour galore!!

so for me
the kitchen tree
is on the counter
next to the door...
a bit more rustic
less elegant
bright and cheery...
and filled with a mix of vintage and new ornaments!

oh no, or is it here...
in the basement!!
I can't decide...

À tantôt


  1. I love it in both places actually. It's a pretty tree! I added a very small one to my kitchen this year.

  2. You found a sweet tree Donna and I like it in both rooms. I have a small one in an old crock on the kitchen floor next to the dining room. Have a great day. Pamela

  3. Could you maybe just possibly need two? :0 Hehe. Love that Scandinavian look but with a maiden name like Aanestad what would you expect? Thanks so much for linking this "funness" up to BeColorful's Motivated Monday.

  4. I think it's going to be beautiful wherever you place it. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you have a chance.

  5. Thanks Gina and Pamela!
    Pam, I just may need to buy another one....I think you have a point! ;)
    Headin' on over Sherry.

  6. Wow, I love the inspirational photos! I hope you leave your tree in the kitchen. Our only Christmas tree is in our kitchen!!! ;P


  7. Your tree is too cute. Is it real.
    Sure looks it. I have had my eye on cypress trees at Loblaws but for $19.99 and they weren't that large.
    Just couldn't pay that. Love it in both rooms. Your pictures sure gave me inspiration to find one.

  8. Ricki Jill, sorry, it went back downstairs. I could not justify getting two....:( but it looks great in the basement!

  9. Linda, welcome fellow Canadian! Love finding other Canadian bloggers! I got my tree at Reno-Depot. I am not sure they have a Reno-Depot in Ontario? Anyway, it was so big and for that price I could not resist. I am hoping to keep it alive all winter and plant it in the spring. I hope you find one you like. I didn't check the Loblaws version.


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