Sunday, December 11, 2011

Swedish Inspiration

 I swear
I was meant to live in Sweden!
I mean if I lived there
perhaps these would be images of my home....
look at that sofa,
really could sleep there....I would sleep there....
in Sweden that is.....

 and of course that is probably
my cabin in the woods....
I am sure I would have a cabin in the woods in Sweden...right?
I basically live in a cabin right now, 
and it is somewhat in the woods.....

Oh and it would have that simple elegance
which I really love about that Swedish look...
 Oh and yes, a massive fireplace...
I know, I know
but the regulations on fireplaces are certainly different over there...
it is Sweden for goodness sakes!!
 Oh and at Christmas I would be pulling out all the stops...
that means these babies...
shandies that require a massive amount of IKEA no-drip candles...
oh they
would make their appearance...
for all forms of entertaining!
and of course after dinner
we would all relax in the lovely, rather large salon,
so enticing... yet elegant ....yet cosy
Okay is this Swedish?
If it isn't then it really should be!
I am moving on to another procrastination round-up project and my bedroom
may become swedish...
all starts here....lamp stays,
floors...well, they stay too....

but that headboard and the wall colour
is all going
sweet swedish design....

À tantôt

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  1. Well if you get a Swedish house and cabin then I do too. I have to agree with you about loving the simplicity of Swedish decor, and the soft colours they use. I especially love the Swedish cabin decor.

  2. Hey, if you live in Sweden, then I will come to visit you and you can sleep in your Swedish bed and I will sleep on the Swedish couch!
    Nice to find another Canadian blogger,
    I am in Winnipeg.
    Your dreams sound fascinating and your dream images are fabulous.
    I also love the simplicity of Swedish decor, if I could figure out how to do it, I would.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Okay okay ladies... when I get my place in Sweden, then Cindy you get the couch and Grace you can stay in the cabin....everyone will be happy. I am going to be out with Svend or Steig or somebody having a lovely sweedish they make good coffee??

  4. I too love Swedish style. Simple and elegant.


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