Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bookcases On My Mind

Once the Christmas tree came down,
and the stacks of magazines and books scattered around the living room
became overwhelmingly obvious
I questioned the use of our living space on the main floor of our house.

We have almost completed the basement revamp which
means that our TV will be heading ....south.....
That leaves me with the realization that 
I can now do something I have wanted to do for sometime now...
This bookshelf has haunted me for a few years now,
built by a good friend in his summer home
covering the entire end wall of their living room.
Yep, they love to read!

So, I have been on the hunt for ways to bring a bookshelf into my own livingroom...

I love the incorporation of collections into the bookshelf....
lovely! oh and yup those "puppies" are too cute!!

Some place more emphasis on the art versus the books.
If I had more space I could maybe go that way too!

Some are simple,
single column and attractive...
 this is more realistic of my space.

Source: via An Anglo on Pinterest

Wow, I love this look, but problem is we read books so I need to know the actual book titles!

but they all leave me with this lovely warm feeling...
something that really comes from books...

À tantô


  1. I'm exactly the same about books - I love them, and am always on the lookout for fab styling ideas. I've just got a book called Creative Ways With Books or something like that, which lists some fab eays of styling books - maybe I should review it on my blog...


  2. I've been trying to figure out a solution for all of our books for a few years now. I just don't have an extra space to put them and I hate how they have a tendency to look messy, even when organized neatly. Hopefully you will be able to figure something out.

  3. These photos are stunning, and I am always having issues with book storage! Especially since our home is so open, and we have so many windows. Floor space is at a premium! I agree that nothing seems like home to me other than my books (and maybe fresh flowers).
    I can't wait to see what you decide to do in your room. I know it will be pretty!

  4. Great inspirations photos.
    If you decide to go with shelves the best bookcases to be found are at IKEA. You can join them together and add crown molding to the top and frame in the bottom. Now they look custom.

  5. Definitely book shelves! I couldn't live without mine. ~ Maureen

  6. It's the last picture I like the most - it seems cozy but not cluttered. Warm and not sterile. And I like the doors.

  7. @Sarah,good idea, I will be waiting for that one!
    Ricki Jill, I am with you on the flowers, love filling the house with fresh cut. Linda, I have thought about that too, good idea.
    Gina and Nan, I am very excited to give this a try and my plan is to balance them on either side of our french doors on the main floor! Very excited to get this going!

  8. oops, Maureen, we are on the same page! ;)

  9. Love these pics! A wall full of books would be pure bliss. We were thinking about Ikea as well Linda, you can get them second hand for peanuts.

  10. Lovely inspiration photos. I agree the covered ones look neat and pretty, but I also prefer the look of collections and reading the name of the books on the spine. We have a wall in our living room that I think needs bookcases, sort of a library look. We had two that I picked up for $60 and resold for $420 because although they were really nice, they just were not what I had in my 'vision'. I'm still looking though.

  11. I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out:

  12. I've popped over from Design Dreams by Anne. I love the look of bookcases and wish you well on deciding how to display your volumes.

  13. I also love the look of huge book cases filled with books. All of your inspiration images are wonderul and beautiful.


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