Saturday, January 14, 2012

Effects of Black in the Neutral Zone

I love the feel of the room that is based on neutrals...
the whites, and the creams
really do it for me...
but one thing I always notice is that all of those images that I really LOVE
always seem to have a nice hit of black
thrown in...

I love the effect of the black zebra rug in this space....

And I believe that these black drum shades take this neutral space up a notch.....

And of course what is not to love about a black hutch with white dishes?

Love, love that over-sized black and white image.... imagine if that furniture was neutral?
A guest bedroom in Ellen and Portia's home gets a hit too...

Perhaps a bit too much black below for me...but don't you love the addition of those lovely branches for drama...... and of course in this case the white ceiling makes the black work....I think.

So, do I love an all-white room?
not sure, I do love the neutrals but I can't help but think
that a hit of something really makes it all work!
I will leave you with one more..
in this lovely little bathroom....

What do you think? 
Can totally neutral work?
 À tantôt!
* All images are found on my Pinterest boards.


  1. I think it works in these photos because they all have such interesting ecclectic pieces in the rooms.

  2. I am now all sorts of inspired, love your style. Would it be tacky to pin everything off your boards? thanks for sharing.

  3. Razmataz....don't you love ecclectic!
    Mimi...okay, you gave me my laugh of the are too funny...go crazy girl!

  4. Just wanted to think you for stopping by and commenting.

    Your blog is lovely. I love all of the images you've picked so it's obvious you have great taste! :D

  5. Every room needs a touch of black! Even one wrought iron candlestick will do it. I'm pinning that bathroom! ~ Maureen

  6. Every room you posted is stunning. I think every room needs just a little black! The kitchen with the black drum shades is my favorite of the rooms.

  7. I've always lied black in a room. These are all fabulous!

  8. I could not agree with you more!! I have to have lots black in my home -- that and stained wood. Gorgeous photos, each one.



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