Monday, January 9, 2012

Kijiji Love

Don't worry...
I am working on my pantry skirt
but the Canadian connection does not always seem to work!!
Anyway, in the meantime
I spotted this little gem on kijiji...

now I know some of you may be wondering...
what that is...but consider it the cousin to craigslist?
Is that popular in places outside of Canada....I wonder?
Anyway, more popular than craigslist in my part of the world
is kijiji...
so rambling....enough...
I found this!!
and since my daughter is slowly gathering some pieces of furniture for  
next year when she heads off to university...
we snapped it up!
Beautiful condition and a piece she can hold on to!

For now it is at home in her bedroom sitting nicely between her two closets....
I love passing along the joy of hunting out a deal...
don't you?
melamine never looks like this!

 Looks like a little blue lovin' going on in here?

À tantôt


  1. Nice find Donna. I like the little door at the top. Unusual. Your daughter's room is pretty. Our son loves Kijiji but I don't go on it. :) Have a good week! Pamela

  2. You can never go wrong with a piece like that! I love the soft blue palette in your daughter's room.

  3. I wish there was more history out here on the plains. Kijiji very rarely has lovely items like that out here. When they do, you have to pay for it dearly!! Personally I think there's just better vintage pieces available down east ;)

  4. My daughter is still using the antique dresser I bought when she was a toddler and she is 30 something. You wouldn't get that with a new particle board dresser! Love yours. ~ Maureen

  5. Thanks Pamela and Gina. CountryBelle I have heard that said before. Too bad. These types of pieces all go for under 100$ on kijiji. I have paid as little as 25$. Maureen, I still have pieces from my childhood that I cherish today.

  6. Very nice find! Your daughter will have that chest forever. We are doing the same thing because our daughter will be living in an apartment next year. :D

  7. What a great piece! Love the hardware especially.


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