Friday, January 20, 2012

Living in Winter

One week left until the Québec Winter Carnival...
and you know
it really does help to break up the winter blahs
by getting out the door and down to the old city 
or even down the road to a local rink....
Once you give in to the
weather and decide to embrace the cold
it all seems to work....

 you remind yourself as to what it is that makes winter so incredible.

I mean the adventure of strapping on your x-country skis to head off into that
or if you want to take it to an extreme
then perhaps you turn it into an expedition of sorts....
oh and no that was not me sleeping in that tent but rather my daughter and friends...
those days are over for me
or maybe you just head off to a local outdoor rink...
like this one...
the preferred spot by my teenagers.
...or here, the preferred spot of me....
wishing you a great weekend!!! 
Warm just the same.
à bientôt


  1. Looks like a fun way to spend a weekend!

  2. I can only dream right now of getting out there. I have a shoulder muscle ailment and cold makes it so much worse. But I will get out for a walk today; we had snow yesterday and this morning it's positively glistening out there! So pretty!

  3. Have a nice weekend & stay warm!

  4. I was there once in my twenties....we stayed right in the heart of Quebec City....I remember a quite drunken group of 100 people singing and dancing to Rock Lobster on the street...fantastic it was.

  5. Part of me would LOVE to live somewhere where we could all learn to ski really easily - look at all that snow!! You must be a real pro!!


    1. Sarah, you get yourself over here and free lessons will be waiting. I used to teach downhill skiing full time in an earlier life... thing is you live with it so you got to learn to love it.


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