Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Night House

On a winter's night
when it is minus 25
(with a forecast of minus 30 overnight)
you tend to search for a place to snuggle in
and find what works
for you....
In our home,
after a day outdoors....
for some it is the kitchen...
to discover the latest recipes of comfort food.
and for a particular teenager it 
is the comfort of the livingroom....
with a few blankets tossed around.
and for me it is the club chairs
by the fire with a stack of books
and magazines at my feet....

because when it is minus 25 degrees celsius
or....translation....minus 13 fahrenheit for those of you in the US....
you just need to settle in and find what works for you...
oh, and
please excuse the mess
but this is real living...... ;)
in the cold!

À tantôt


  1. We have -14 here so I know what you mean. I love to have blankets draped over my shoulders so my back stays warm.

  2. I know exactly how you're feeling! We were supposed to hit
    -10 overnight. I believe it's 5 degrees right now. I have to say your home looks nice & warm & cozy. We spent last evening much in the same way. Stay warm!

  3. We are pretty cold here too.
    Some home cooked soup is on the menu today. Oh did I mention staying in by the fire.....

  4. Woaaah! That is sooooo cold! I've never experienced it as cold as that. But a part of my is rather jealous. Your house looks so warm and snuggly - wish I could join you with those magazines!



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