Thursday, January 19, 2012

Symmetrical Balance

My Pinterest boards seem to reflect a clear love on my part
for symmetry.
I see symmetry as pure balance...
that feeling you get when the last piece of the puzzle is put in place...
complete .... done .... fini....
but is it too predictable, too much of the stickin' to the rules approach to decorating...
I ask this because I am in the midst of designing our bookshelves for the living area...
I have a couple of possibilities, one which leads to a symmetrical look and another
that is purely asymmetrical.

Love the balance of those mirrors...well, actually I just love those mirrors!!!

Okay, that is just plain pretty... I want that door!!!  ......  and imagine all the seasonal inspirations you could dream up for those two tables ....

      talk about symmetry... and of course the subway tile to the ceiling is a big favourite of mine

                                   okay, that is just too plain cute....
                                                                       or rather, they are too cute!!

               Ahhh....what little one would not have a good balanced sleep tucked into that bed!

            Is this place following the rules a little too closely.... I do love those fun chandeliers!!
and I really do love all the elements but it seems to lack character or ....story?
I think rooms still need to tell us something about the people that live there....don't you?

                                                        yum...... such  a simple touch of symmetry.....

So when does symmetrical balance just become boring?
or is it ever boring???
Do I wrap my bookshelves around the french doors
to attain symmetry.....

All these images are sourced on my Pinterest Boards. Just click on the image.

À tantôt


  1. I think symmetry in architecture is really important and gives a place good bones, so I'd say do wrap the bookcases. I did a post on a similar topic recently. I noticed that while the big pieces are symmetrical, there is often something else (a smaller object/accessory) placed off center or not symmetrical so that the look is not too rigid.

  2. I am definitely the wrong person to give anyone advice on symmetry. I love symmetry but I try so hard to break myself out of it for the sake of variety. Every once in a while I can do it, but more often than not, everything ends up symmetrical despite my best intentions.

  3. Camille, I think you are sooo right about that one object that can give it punch and take it from flat to interesting. Good bones is a good way of saying it...

    Gina, I know what you mean. I try to break the pattern once in awhile since I love rooms that are somewhat eclectic at the same time.

  4. I don't think it is boring at all....just look at the photos you posted! It's funny, but I have been reading so much about "balance" today...the universe is trying to tell me something!

    1. I know what you mean Ricki Jill....I think many of us are inspired by the idea of choosing a word to stimulate our guide our thinking and actions in 2012! I know that the word 'shift' is mine and also causing me to think.

  5. Hello Anglo,
    I live in the California desert in the United States and I'm new to your blog, but want you to know how very much I am enjoying it!

    I've been going back and reading your past posts and find your work inspiring, especially that you are making lovely and useful rooms from almost 'found' objects.

    I'm no decorator and my home is filled with old (like me) furniture, half inherited and half early marriage. I look around my rooms and wonder what I could do to refresh and enhance what I have without spending a fortune. So far, I've gotten several suggestions from you and I appreciate them.

    1. HI Jill,
      Well, thank you. I am blushing.
      First off, I smiled at your into, "Hello Anglo". I guess I don't provide any other references to my name. You have got me thinking that I should and will start to sign off on each post. The term "anglo", and excuse me if that is already obvious to you, refers to my own situation. I live in a unilingual French area of Canada and therefore I am often referred to as the 'anglo' (anglophone). It can have some slight negative connotations but then again we plopped ourselves down here a long time ago fully understanding the challenges that would come our way!
      As for ideas on how to decorate with "found" objects I am happy that you have gotten some ideas that may work. I find that you have to go with what feels good to you. I actually named one of my boards on Pinterest...Feel Good....since I love making our home both functional and a place that makes us feel good. So far that is working for me. And well budget drives most of us I think. Other than the top 1% of course. But then that might be rather boring, don't you think? :)


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