Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 1 - Flight to Vancouver

The flight from Québec to Toronto was as expected,
in a typical Bombardier, twin propeller plane.
If you are unfamiliar with those, they are tight.... and I always seem to be by the window
staring out at that darn propeller!!
Hmmm....yes I am not a lover of the air!!
But, I expected the plane from Toronto to Vancouver to be a bit roomier...
nope, not really. Of course we had the prime spot, the very last seat on the plane...
you know the one before the lavatory?
But, it was a clear day and passing over the Rocky Mountains was spectacular.
So smooth flying until we arrived close to Vancouver where it was rainy with heavy cloud coverage...
so turbulence.
Anyway, picked up the car and headed into the city.
Oh and note to self.....just because it is -20 when you wake up at home and snowing, do pack a lighter coat for the other side of the country....even though you are going on a ski holiday....

 That aside,
it has been so long since I last visited Vancouver it really felt like my first time in this city.
Driving along Granville Street towards downtown 
I was struck by these amazing hedges everywhere but then even more struck by these homes...
these places are listed at 5 million and up!
Have a look...

 Almost all of the houses we were passing had these amazing hedges in front of them...
 This is a side view and yes the hedge is at the front of the house.
gorgeous greenery, can just imagine this in a few months time...

The British influence was very obvious in this area...
and I am told that this section of Vancouver is often considered as acting more British than the British...
I loved the moss growing on these trees ...
the rain took over and we headed on to the downtown core which is an amazing image in itself...
you cross a bridge  and the scene changes from what you see above and becomes a
sea of highrises....
Vancouver, BC highrises 01

Anyway, on to Day 2....heading to the market for supplies and then up to Whistler!!!

à bientôt everyone!


  1. Those homes take my breath away! Hope you have a wonderful vacay.

  2. I love the "secret garden" feel of a home surrounded by hedges! Have fun. ~ Maureen

  3. Have fun. Vancouver is so lovely...and usually several steps ahead of Ontario and Quebec in reaching Spring.

  4. Those are amazing homes - ginormous! Have a great time. I haven't been out to Vancouver since I was about 15 so I will feel just like you when I go back.

  5. Beautiful photos Donna! Vancouver is a beautiful city but it's been over 10 years since I've been there. Have fun at Whistler! Hugs, Pamela

  6. These hedges are fabulous! Wish I had them all around my property.
    How is the skiing?


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