Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 4

Arrived in Whistler on Thursday late afternoon in the rain...
and woke up to the rain on Friday...
 but not being one to let that get in the way, we geared up in our waterproof gear,
grabbed the snowshoes and headed off...
We were socked in completely
but snowshoeing through the forest was lovely
and worth the effort.
Today we decided to hit the ski trails, again, in the rain ...
we were in  complete fog from midpoint
to the alpine point of the slopes....
could not see much but we put in a good day of skiing.
The smartest thing we did was hook up for the 'host' service at the top of the chair
where you meet up with a local and ski the runs with them.
Anyway, fingers crossed for sunshine on Monday....
Here are a few pics of our snowshoeing at the Olympic park where the ski jumping and cross country ski competitions took place....
lots of snow...

beautiful trails leading deep into the woods....
and me at the end of our tour....
wishing we were on the slopes but the snowshoeing was lovely given the beautiful forests of BC!!
Ski photos are being saved for Monday when the sun shines....
I hope!!!!
à bientôt


  1. What a shame that it's raining there! Your photos are beautiful and there sure is a lot of snow. I hope Monday is a sunny day for skiing. Have fun! Hugs, Pamela

  2. Wonderful pictures. Hoping for sunshine on Monday.

  3. Holy cow, those are some big snow piles! I hope the weather breaks for some sunshine for you! andrea@townandprairie

  4. I love Whistler. Only been in the summer but there's nothing like it. Being in the mountains is magic.

  5. Wonderful pictures! Keeping my fingers crossed that there is snow Monday! Have fun!

  6. I am glad that the rain didn't stop you from enjoying nature. The trails look beautiful... Tomorrow looks good for sunshine and good times! Have a great day!! Kimmie, xo

  7. So sorry that you hit so much rain, but that is mainly what it does there most of the year. That's why I'm so glad we left the Vancouver area, we could not take any more of it.
    I hope the weather improves for you! And when the clouds life, you will be dazzled by the views and the mountains.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Beautiful photos! One of these days I'll get some snowshoes. It looks like a lot of fun (and a great workout)! Hope you have a sunny day today.


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