Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did I Already Mention Whistler??

Whistler Mountain 3

Next stop Vancouver for one night.....photos to follow of the lovely Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
and then on to Whistler for 6 days!

Wasn't sure if I mentioned that already?!
Did I??
I am getting so excited that
I may be losing my mind!!

à bientôt from lovely British Columbia!!!


  1. Wow, what an exciting trip! I've always wanted to go to BC! Share all your lovely pics when you return! andrea@townandprairie

  2. I haven't made it past the Rockies. Send lots of pics! ~ Maureen

  3. Have fun! And don't break anything!! I look forward to seeing your pics. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Twenty years since we skied in BC, but it still remains one of our best winter-time vacation memories.
    Have a wonderful time and take us all along with you via photos.


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