Monday, February 27, 2012

Inexpensive Solution in the Pantry

If you are new around here
then you may not know that I love my pantry
but the thing is 
I now love it even more!
After our kitchen renovation one and a half years ago
I have had a few little organization challenges.

We used to hang all of our pots and pans from an indonesian-style ladder suspended from the ceiling...
that did not work in the new kitchen design but we still had a dilemma of managing fry pans.
 Our final solution has been simple and inexpensive.


So here is the inexpensive part....less than 15$ for a drapery rod holder and a piece of dowling.
I was going to paint the dowling but for now I am going to let it age and blend in with our wood ceiling....if that does not happen fast enough then I will stain it.
the before of the wall....needs paint ( I know we renovated our kitchen one and half years ago...but this wall has been hidden, so out of sight out of mind...right?)
Here it is painted and with dowling up and curtain rod holder in place. The little S hooks
are ones that I already had from Ikea.
So, knife rack back up, utility bar up and we are back in action in the pantry.
This space is such a great little spot for food prep, overflow counter space, storage, phone messages, grocery lists.... you name it
so although not necessarily that pretty
it sure is functional!

Now, we have the dueling pot racks...
the prettier version right up front for copper pots only....
and the practical 
for those not so pretty but oh so wonderful
 iron pans..... a cooks delight!!

à bientôt everyone!

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  1. Donna, what a practical idea and I think it looks lovely. It must be pretty handy.

  2. How long haveyou been in this home? Do you have 'way before' pictures of what it was when you moved in. I've so enjoyed the before/after kitchen renovation I wondered if you have made other major changes to the house.

    And, if I haven't said so before, I LOVE THIS HOUSE!

    1. Jill, this house was a 70's nightmare when we bought it. We have basically had to overhaul it from A to Z. The basement TV room is presently being done and should be complete for reveal in a couple of weeks. Not that it is a big reveal, simply time constraints make it so. I will dig up some 'way before' pictures for you. Sounds like a fun post for me to write! I know somewhere on my blog I have a before and after of the outside of the house....pretty scarey looking 'before' shot.:)
      So...I will get busy on that post! Better find my photos!

  3. Someday, I want a pot rack. And I also LOVE my pantry. Just found your blog, I'll be back for sure!

  4. Very clever! I love seeing pots, especially copper or iron, hanging. ~ Maureen

  5. You are so right abut these tulips, the older they get the more beautiful they are, thanks for sharing, now I have this Tiny Tim song in my head ''Tip Toe through the tulips''

  6. What a great idea! I love the look and the copper pots look beautiful.

  7. That is a super idea Donna! I love it...practical and pretty! If I had a spot in my kitchen to do this, I would be running to the store right now to buy the supplies!

  8. Great idea and ingenuity. The copper pots look pretty, too, hanging at different lengths.
    I'm your newest follower and hope you'll stop by, Mary Alice

    1. Welcome Mary Alice! I am heading over to visit!

  9. You are the smartest one and everything looks great!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Love it! Both of them actually, I am so jealous of your pantry it looks so pretty and functional! I still love that you made a santa skirt for the holidays ;)

  11. Your new pot rack is fabulous looking and functional, what more could a person ask for? I love your lamp there, I have the same one, but I like your shade better than mine.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. How clever! I love pots hanging -- they are so handy!

  13. Just came across your site and so glad I did. Lovely blog. Looking forward to following along your adventures.

  14. Those pot racks are great - especially love the copper pots, but understand the need to have a more practical one for the messy pots.

  15. You just gave me a great idea for hanging some pots -- whenever I get the pantry situation settled. I am going to turn my old laundry "closet" into a pantry and move the laundry stuff to the garage. I am desperate for storage, and using a dowel is very smart. What I actually have are some heavy curtain poles that I am not longer using, and since they are very sturdy, I think they will work like this. Thanks for the idea!

  16. I disagree! I think your pantry is gorgeous!! But you already knew that. :)
    Hanging pots and pans is so much easier than my method of stacking them in a lower cabinet. You have me wondering where I can hang mine!


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