Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random February Notes

I  have been so busy at work and general "life stuff" that
I have missed blogging for almost one week now....
the weather here has been so beautiful,
and motivating providing these ideal winter sport conditions...

 This week we are flying out to Whistler, British Columbia for some downhill skiing!!
so I do plan to post while there and share with you the beauty of the Canadian Rockies!!

In the meantime, I had to sneak away to the mall (have to admit, I am not much a mall person)
but with a trip coming up I had
 to pick up a few odds and ends.....
and look at what I found!!
My daughter and I share the same shoe/boot size and
we have been looking at the Hunter boots and a few other brands but
I have been seeing the Hunters everywhere
so we were so excited when we found these Tretorns marked down 1/2 price with another 20% off!!
I love them! 
That led to a trip to the dollar store to buy a thermal insole and
we found these....
adorable muffin holders!!
( I did say Random notes..... right?)
They had an amazing selection of  various colour checked ones as well...
I always amaze myself when I head to a dollar store and find something like this!

Tonight I will draw for the maple syrup bucket and announce tomorrow the name of the winner....

until then.....
à bientôt


  1. Good beautiful winter's day to you Donna! How exciting that your are going to Banff to go skiing! I have been there in the fall and it was beautiful. I hope you have a fun and safe trip. I love the boots and the muffin cups! Both are great deals! Happy skiing! Hugs, Pamela

    1. Thanks Pam. We are flying to Vancouver, spending one night there and then driving up to Whistler. I am so in need of this little break and I welcome the chance to be outdoors and ski the Rockies! Thanks for the good wishes!

  2. Is it okay to completely covet your boots?! I LOVE them!! What a great find....much nicer than Hunters - and more original too!


    1. I am with you on that point! I think I do have a "thing" for footwear given that I have blogged about my favourite red ballet flats in the summer and my winter boots with the plaid top and now these.....

  3. I love love love your boots !! We call them Wellies here in the U.K and they are just a heaven sent. I really like them in black, perfect for those wet, snowy sloshy days :)

  4. just to split hairs, if you were skiing in the Banff area, you'd be in the Rockies, but Whistler is another range. Just looked it up and apparently its the Fitzsimmon range of the Pacific range of the Coast Mountains - which is quite the mouthful! Whatever - they're real mountains so you'll have lots of fun.

    Caroline (an anglo in alberta)

    1. Caroline, you are so right! I have obviously bought in to all the groups that promote themselves off the name of the Rockies. So many organizations that I have researched in planning our trip refer to Whistler as part of the Rockies but it is not. Of course compared to what we have here in the east....can I just say....they are big. :)
      Thanks for pointing that out! I am still very psyched to be heading west!!


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