Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skating through the Cold and Working in the Rain

I promise this is not about the weather
well sort of it is...
I know, I know
all of you walking around in shorts
are going to wonder why we complain so much about the cold and
yet choose to live in snow for a good 5-6 months of the year....
But this year has been a bizarre year
Just the other day I was out on the skating oval at our lake which is
a 3 km loop 
which means a really nice hit of exercise if you do 3 loops
uh...yep...that would be 9 km.....or 5.6 miles for some of you.
The sun was shining,
a bit chilly,
lots of snow but perfect ice conditions for a mother and daughter duo.

Yes, it will be hard when she heads off to university this year!!

 today I am heading to work 3 hours from here in lovely Montréal
and I need to pack some of these....
In Montréal
this winter
 have been the most popular fashion trend ....

and really they do come in all colours

Source: via An Anglo on Pinterest

and designs....

for every type of occasion

and why yes they can come in handy as a clever vase by the door .... okay so I am soooo doing this in the spring!!

and really ..... all ages are wearing them.....

so this year in February?
I need these.....
okay, so yep, it sort of is about the weather....
Do you a favourite pair of WELLIES?
à bientôt


  1. Got to *LOVE* this Wellies post. I bought my daughter a pair of bright red Hunter boots to walk across campus in because it rains so much here in Central Alabama, and she has to walk on campus, she can't drive. The branches in them are so that image! You skated 9 miles!!! WOW I would faint from exhaustion, but I am not a very good skater, either.

    1. Red Hunter boots are simply gorgeous, how lucky is she!? Well, I am tempted to get some 'colourful' wellies!! Oh, and correction is needed... not 9 miles, 9 kilometers which I believe is 5.6 miles. And you take your time, enjoy the view, chat a bit... you know, nothing too strenuous. ;)

  2. The coats I can handle, but the footwear this winter is impossible to figure out! I don't know from one hour to the next what the weather will do here! ~ Maureen

  3. We have practically no rain here in the California desert and when it does I just stay inside. However, it does get cold so Uggs are the order of the day.

    1. Okay Jill, that will be enough out of rain.... :)

  4. Such cute pics. Stay warm and safe in your weather!!

  5. The skating oval sounds so nice (but I don't skate anymore) and the wellies are really cute. With the sort of mild/snow/rain/slush they will come in handy on the city sidewalks. I don't have any and chose to wear shoes in town the last 2 days. The parking lots are bare and boots are hot and uncomfortable trotting around the mall. I also love the pink blossoms in the boots by the door. Have a great time working in Montreal!

    1. You are sooooo right though Pamela, indoors, they are hot.

  6. You know, I resisted for a long, long time. My sister-in-law has been wearing them for decades. I always made fun of her...telling her how ridiculous they looked. (Kind humor, not mean spirited) Anyway, last year our class was going on a field trip where there was going to be alot of mud. Not a person who loves mud in any form, I am now the owner of a polka-dotted pair of boots. My sister-in-law will never let me live it down! lol

    1. You know the old, "never say never"....sounds like it sort of applies here! :)
      And, polka-dot even! Well, I have to say that I love boots whatever the material but I do have a few friends that still think as you did!

  7. I don't need Wellies now that I live in Winnipeg, but when in Vancouver, oh my did I need them, eight months out of the year!
    I love our Winters and it's so fun to see you out skating with your daughter. I blogged about that a couple of weeks ago, I was out skating with my grand-kids.
    I would not want to leave the beautiful north country, I would miss the snow and the skating!
    Hugs, Cindy


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