Monday, February 20, 2012

White Ironstone/Pottery Love

I have a few small projects underway
around here but I really have to share
this love I have developed for white ironstone and basically all white pottery....

 Well, I am still searching Kijiji on a weekly basis looking for my armoire....I know it is out there somewhere?? I am getting tempted to make my own....
but that might be a bit more than I can manage..

Even the addition of a few pieces gives a lovely look to these spaces below....

This black armoire really shows off these pieces below beautifully!

I have always loved milk glass and although I have a few pieces
I could certainly manage having a few lovely delicate designs as these ones.
Milk glass is possibly the dainty cousin to white ironstone?

Okay, perhaps not in my home but I love the look of what I see below
it is such a collection....
did I tell you that I am not crazy about dusting???

 Okay, I am in the organizing mode this month and have found a cheap solution to a storage issue in the kitchen. I will show you that tomorrow.....

If you have an e-reader you might want to pick up this reference.....good price and easy read.

I believe these are all available on her blog but for .99 cents it is kind of nice to have them all compiled in one spot.
 à bientôt


  1. Donna, I love all the white ironstone and pottery....These inspirational photos are fantastic!!! The all white kitchen is stunning with a few wooden and brown accents...*le sigh*.......

  2. I love white ironstone and also collect it.
    I always at there looking for more. You can never have too many pieces.
    I pinned your first pic. Love it.

  3. I use white dishes and vintage ironstone. You can dress it up with table linens and patterned pieces and change the look so easily. Those pics are all beautiful! ~ Maureen

  4. The kitchen picture is lovely, but I cringe at the thought of how often one would have to wash all 'that' in soapy water to keep the cooking vapors and grease at bay.

    1. Oh for sure Jill. I have pieces that I love next to my stove and I am always surprised at the amount of grease that shows up on them. I don't even really 'fry' foods.

  5. PS...I forgot to say that I too love the white ironstone and milk glass. I have a lovely large milk glass bowl with pierced edging and two pitchers that I use with regularity.

  6. I'm in the same boat as you, can't find exactly what I want. I am convinced I could build something myself,though - at least I'm going to try!!

    1. Anne, I have made my mind up that I am going to build myself something. I actually have an antique dresser that I am going to use for the base!

  7. The ironstone is so pretty and I do love milk glass as well. I can't even begin to think about having to dust the collection in that last photo. As stunning as it looks, I would want to cry every time I realized I had to dust it.

  8. I love ironstone too but have so few pieces. These collections you have shown are amazing! I don't think I'd want that many though. As you say - too much to dust. Pamela

  9. White Dinnerware = Happiness. We have been looking to sell all our dinnerware and go for all white. It is so timeless.

  10. Hi Donna,
    I share your love for white ironstone, I have been collecting for a few years and I love every piece.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. What, you don't enjoy dusting?!

    Love all these images. Ironstone and old cupboards were made to go together!


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