Tuesday, February 21, 2012

White = Work and several Imperfections

Yesterday I shared my love of white 
and then I happened upon a post over at
Nesting Place celebrating the imperfections in our homes...
 it didn't take much for me to relate to that post
since I merely had to glance over my shoulder to my dining and living room
and they both
screamed simultaneously
Well, let's just say that if you love white
and I do
and love a white sofa..... or perhaps two white sofas
then you have to deal with imperfection on a fairly regular basis.
Yes, there are the days when it looks like these images below...

a great snuggle spot for a good read....
but perfect it is not....
The wrinkles in the white cotton might just drive you crazy
and yep they do look
crisp and pressed  when you see them in magazine shots.
But really what can you expect from white slipcovers?

I may be a tad crazy,
and I really do not mind the wrinkles
and I adore the ease and convenience of slipcovers...
and I can even say all of that
considering a large labrador  lives all over this house
and two older teens that still do not understand me when I say,
please do not eat in there, how about you eat at the island or
hey even at the dining table.....

Anyway, my point really is
that if you love white slipcovers then you have to be able to live with the imperfection that comes with it....
yep, that is the dining room and our table is under there somewhere
it is
washing day
and in the winter that means the dining room turns into the drying room for those
adorable white slipcovers....
not perfect, I know
but hey
nothing is perfect!!
and please don't ask me where we are dining tonight.....

and yes I am sharing this with Nesting Place..... It's not perfect but it's beautiful.... to me

à bientôt


  1. Yes, I have white slipcovers, and brown ones... and they spend a good deal of time drying while draped across a table too!

  2. I know... I love them, too... but my kids would be smearing chocolate chip cookie all over it in no time flat. andrea@townandprairie

  3. I can relate to this...I use my treadmill to hang them on.

  4. over from nester's place.

    your home is beautiful..even with the slipcovers being washed and dried in the dining room.

  5. haaahhhaaa, you are precious.
    I have two chairs that sooo need slipcovers but I am scared to death of wrinkles...sooo gotta go with the stretch.:))
    You have an adorable house.

  6. I, too have a white couch and although I love it to be clean...drying them all over my house makes me feel so chaotic! :) but worth it! Very cute living room!!

  7. Well, they have to hang somewhere to dry. It looks lovely anyway! ~ Maureen

  8. I have ivory slips and I love/hate them. I love being able to wash them but hate putting them back on. Its so hard because they're not custom fitted. Most of the time they are not properly tucked in and shifting all over the place lol. I'm visiting from Nesters party, love this post and am now following on Google and Linky.

    1. Welcome! I am heading over to visit you!!

  9. This is just spooky! I was going to write you today and ask about your white slip covers. I love them and the wrinkles don't bother me. My question is: did you make them? If so, is there a place to get some "how to" instructions?

    1. Hi there Jill. Well, I did not actually make these slipcovers since they are your basic Ektorp sofas from Ikea. But, I have made many a slipcover in my day. Strangely enough I like making them....is that odd??
      There are a lot of tutorials on the web and blogosphere in general and basically the rule is "inside out" for me. I will explain that more but in the meantime, what are you covering exactly? A chair or a sofa?
      Oh and Jill....you are indeed a brave soul to venture into the world of slipcover sewing!

  10. I found you via your comment on Brenda's blog Cozy Little House. You echoed so many of my own thoughts that I had actually just posted about -- quite a coincidence.

    I loved looking through your blog -- I am your newest follower. Come visit me?

  11. I have the same slipcover on a sofa in my home. The previous one was floral and was somewhat more forgiving! Nevertheless, I love it.
    Your room is beautiful! As for drying the covers over the dining room furniture, pourquoi pas?
    Thanks for the chuckle your friendly writing style gave me!

  12. Actually no I'm not nearly brave enough to try to make the slip covers. There was a time, years ago, when I thought it would be really fun to learn how to reupholster furniture. Now just setting up the little portable sewing machine makes me break out in a cold sweat.
    But, I was interested to know if you had made yours...you are so creative and able in the area of furniture restoration...I thought maybe you had.

    1. Ahhh Jill, you are so sweet.... Have I told you lately how much I like you?? :)

  13. I love your slip covers, wrinkles and all. I have draped things over our dining set to dry before too. I think that is a common drying spot for a lot of people. :) I like the mirrors etc. on the wall behind the sofa. It looks really nice - like a magazine shot! Hugs, Pamela

    1. Well, you are so right Pamela. In our climate the dining room has to do until I can get out to the clothes line. I have big plans to move our clothes line so I can use it earlier in the year!

  14. LOL Donna, I have cream slipcovers, and when I wash them, I use the dining table and chairs to help them dry the rest of the way (I probably dry them 80% in the dryer, and then let them air dry in the dining room).

    I like the wrinkles...that does not bother me. And I am a perfectionist! Your room is so pretty....I wish we had gone with stark white instead of cream, but you live and learn!

    Ricki Jill

  15. Your post makes me really, really want an imperfect white slipcover for my couch! :)

  16. I agree, it is beautiful! Hugs, Cindy

  17. ahh the elusive white covers that although I pined for, a certain five year old boy made me think otherwise. What a beautiful living space :)


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