Monday, March 26, 2012

Hydrangeas - My Other Love

 At this time of year I love to buy
my favorite flowering plant...
For now I have bought only one plant
and am moving it around the house
but that will become tiresome.....soooooo.....
I will just have to buy another.


 and then by the end of May....well most years.....
I simply move them outdoors to be planted in my garden.

À Bientôt


  1. The color of that hydrangea works so beautifully with your room. I do love them in the garden too. I have never tried planting a potted house plant hydrangea in the garden. I shall have to try that.

    1. I have had pretty good luck with these. I am careful to take time to acclimatize them to the outdoor temperatures. Certainly it is best to buy the nursery variety but I like to throw them outdoors, cross my fingers and hope they manage. So far they have. Of course the weather conditions just keep changing around here so one never knows.

  2. I love hydrangeas as well. I grow annebelle and then in the fall I dry them.

  3. That is a beautiful hydrangea. I've never seen white in the stores. They are usually pink or blue for Easter. I bought one at Home Depot 2 years ago after Easter (on sale!) and planted it in the garden later on. It had one gorgeous pink bloom on it last year so I'm hoping it survived this winter and will have more blooms. I see they have them at HD again - in pink and blue - for about $15. I think I'd like a blue one. Pamela

  4. Hydrangeas are so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen white ones before though.

    Thanks for the kind comments you left me at Crayon Freckles.

  5. Linda, I am going to buy some annabelle this year for my garden...thanks for the reminder.
    Pamela and Gina, this is the first time I have seen white in the stores. We always have the blue and the pink too. I happily snapped up the white ones but I think I will return to get another white.

  6. Oh, I would like a white one! ~ Maureen

  7. i love Hydrangeas as well! It is fun to make them change colors as well :)


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