Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well, I do believe we are ready to concede to the fact that we need to install a proper shower in the upstairs bathroom.
Of course if I was honest I would have to admit
that really
while raising a family.... these sort of issues always come down to budget.

So, for years we have all made our way down to the bathroom behind the kitchen to take showers.
Lately, as the kids have grown we feel more and more
a need to have another shower
because bath time
has become less and less of a reality for the majority of family members.
At present the bathroom upstairs has a lovely tub for soaking and a pedestal sink which looks lovely... I mean they are pretty
 but it drives me crazy.....
I need somewhere to put my stuff.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

So, what do I need....well perhaps, what do I want?
I want some counter space.... hooks for towels since nobody gets the idea of a towel bar in this that universal???

 a rain shower perhaps but also a regular shower....a combo.

Do I want ceramic tile running up the wall about half way??

Or do I want painted wood?

                                            House Beautiful

Oh and just maybe I want wallpaper on the upper half?
One thing for sure I know that I want
is a shower in the bathroom
and the rest are just details right??
Well, at least that is what I am telling the person
holding the other string on the purse!

À Bientôt


  1. Bathroom renos are fun! Well,not fun, but really great when they are done! ~ Maureen

  2. Here's to bathroom renos! Good luck!

  3. Don't do wallpaper... it peels in the bathroom from shower humidity. Go for the planks!!

    1. Oh no....I sooooo wanted wallpaper but you are right. I have never had wallpaper in a bathroom so thank you for the warning!

  4. Like all these bathrooms, but agree with you that you need a shower. Soaking tubs are attractive, but a shower is so convenient and quick. Also, even though you are way too young to worry about such things, a tub is practically impossible for older folks to get in and out.
    That said, I would love the little yellow claw-foot.

    1. We tried to get a clawfoot into our bathroom years ago but our bathroom is so long and narrow so it wouldn't work. In our apartment days we always had a clawfoot as they are fairly standard in older apartments. I never even thought about the issues for older folks. Good point Jill.


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