Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Brick Variety?

Source: via shelia on Pinterest

Okay, so on to brick...
it seems that a lot of people prefer to paint their brick white.
As you will see by most of the images I am including in this post on the brick fireplace...
white is very popular!!

oooohhhh.....not sure how the "boss" will feel about white
I mean he has agreed quietly to the copious gallons of cloud white, dove white and linen white that have been slapped on walls, cupboards and furnishing all over our home but he might just draw the line on a white brick fireplace.
That said, I am liking the white brick fireplace....

How sweet is this one all decorated for Christmas!
Maybe I can ignore our high ceiling?

Simple brick with a simple yet lovely wood surround and mantle...
all white?

Lovely detailing on the brick design above!!

Okay so ignore the white brick walls but what about white painted brick right up the wall, very simple design.... NON?

Source: via Mrs on Pinterest

Okay, no white paint...
tall, clean lines...

Cute....cottage-y... but ME?
and look at all these....
Oh my... this is hard!!

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Oh no.... Ricki Jill.... please cover your eyes now!!

Source: via lessie on Pinterest

Oh, BINGO.... love the detail and I actually have the space for the shelving to the right....
but our walls are certainly much much higher than this....

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Please dropped by the Fireplace Show and Tell Party
Some lovely people and their fireplaces showed up at this intimate party....

And then, let me know....
what do you think 
of brick....  and painted brick??

À Bientôt


  1. I like unpainted reclaimed brick...if you could find some old bricks that would be nice....

    1. Me too...I am not sure if I can easily find that around here in the land of wooden houses.

  2. LOL you crack me up....I do like the last one for your home. It might be nice having the might help ground the room since your ceilings are so high. You could even bring them up higher, too. LOVE it!

    1. That is my concern....those darn ceilings. They are a bit of a curse. I am a little worried about climbing the wall with anything.

  3. I think brick fireplaces are beautiful whether painted white or left in their natural state. I don't envy you having to make a decision about this. There are too many options!

    1. Options..... galore!! You are so right.

  4. Love them both ways, it just depends on the rest of the room!

  5. I really like a painted brick fireplace, but a refaced one is really pretty, too. I love the one my son did for us, it's real brick refacing. I love the stone fireplaces that you have in your post before this one.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Donna, these fireplaces are beautiful. I also looked at your previous post with the stone fireplaces. I love painted white wood or brick for a fireplace and think either would work for your cottage-style home, but I also think a grey stone would look beautiful. That's my 2 cents worth. Have fun in your decision. Pamela

    1. I think the stone is popular around this house Pamela. Enjoy your weekend.


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