Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fireplace Show and Tell Party

Yes, it is a party, a show and tell sort of event.... 
Why? I know, I know ....this is my first party...
and oh yes, maybe nobody will show up
but that has never stopped me before.
Besides, I can do "intimate".....
Okay, let's start slowly and from the beginning....

Yes, it was his idea and
yes we are switching out the old wood stove
which is no longer airtight, probably dangerous and definitely not environmentally friendly....

You may already know this
but when it is his idea .... things happen at a very different pace.
And then
there is no need to plant the seed,  
to wait ... to water...
and then to wait some more
and hope for a sprout of interest on his part.

you see
it is then that 
ideas can really start to grow.
So on that note.... show me what you got ...

Oops....the code for the button if you prefer is on the side....
And can you leave me a comment please....
and let's not make this complicated....maybe you don't actually have a fireplace but
you have posted about the ideal fireplace....your dream fireplace....what you would want fireplace...
Go ahead and link up that post....

À Bientôt


  1. What a fun party! I am posting my most recent post that had my fireplace in it. I love the technique that uses regular brick mortar, mortar color additive (both a home improvement stores) and twice the amount of water that the mortar instructions say to use. I also did the whole outside of my house with this process. It doesn't hide the bricks as much as regualar paint (but I do love painted brick too).

    1. Hey Miss Kitty, welcome to the party.... sorry there are no tasty hors d'oeuvres for you but glad to have you drop by! I just checked out your post and.... yes, brick is certainly a consideration. The mortar touch is lovely!!! I hope everybody drops by to visit.

  2. How exciting that you're having a party! I have a woodstove that's waited many a year for a mantel, so that's no help to you. Sigh. ~ Maureen

    1. So I imagine you understand my excitement. Do you want my woodstove? Then you can have 2! :)

  3. I'll throw something together in a bit....what NOT to do with a fireplace! ;P


    1. You are too funny! I was over to see your fireplace and it looks good. Perhaps it is just the TV you are not liking? I love the ceramics!

  4. Hi Donna. What a great idea to have a link party for fireplace inspiration. I hope to have time to make a post to link up in the next day or so. You can actually see my fireplace in the last photo of my most recent post Our fireplace isn't the most interesting - just a builder's mantel and surround, but it is a nice place to decorate.

    1. Perfect. I hope you get a chance to link it up. It will be fun to have them all in one spot and possibly some other people are looking for a little inspiration. Thanks Grace, you have such great taste I am sure it is a beauty.

  5. Replies
    1. Ahhh....Gina, welcome, I am going to be following your lead on decorating my new mantel!!

  6. Hey girl, I know how you feel. I just started a linky party (tomorrow will be #6) I too was afraid no one would show. I am happy to say that I had 18 links the first couple weeks, went to in the 20's and last week 40. Slowly growing. It is so much fun and I love seeing what people share. Mine is "Share Your Cup Thursday". It's pretty broad. What ever helps fill your cup, you know makes you happy. I found you throgh my friend, Gina. Happy to be a new follower.

    1. Thanks Jann for linking up! What a beautiful fireplace you have. It looks like it climbs up your wall quite a distance. I think that is the way we will need to go. Beautiful example!

  7. I missed this party somehow, but here I am, thank you for the invitation. And thank you for your sweet comment on my re-faced fireplace, I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Oh, thank you so much for linking up Cindy....that is a stunning fireplace! I absolutely love it. Of course reclaimed brick is such a beautiful choice and few of us have the opportunity to have access to that. Brick is not as common here. It really was part of the loyalist heritage and therefore escaped great parts of Québec. To have a brick home here meant you were extremely wealthy. Most homes were made of wood. I would love a fireplace such as yours!


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