Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

 What can I write...
Two weeks ago people were walking around in shorts....
perhaps we are not proving to be the best stewards of this place?

À Bientôt


  1. Our white stuff just finished melting here! And FINALLY a day to wear shorts 23!!!

  2. Oh glad snow hasn;t reached us. I think our early spring got us all thinking it was reality. I saw neighbors planting in March.

  3. Now that is a lot of snow for late April. I'm glad that all we have is cold weather.

  4. Wow...look at all that snow! Y'all must not have gotten the memo about global warming ;P


  5. Oh dear! Very pretty to see snow in late April because you know it'll be gone soon. Pamela

  6. Don't you just love Canadian weather?! Yesterday, here in Calgary, we broke a 100+year record (it was +26ºC) but they're calling for snow by Friday - which means we weren"t smiling too broadly when we heard about the snow storm out east.
    And this being Alberta, we don't pack our snow shovels away til after the annual May snow storm!
    Caroline, Calgary

    1. Oh no! Poor you! Snow storm in May? This weather is mind boggling. One minute I am searching for my summer cottons and the next day I am looking for my woolies!


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