Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fireplace oh Fireplace.... what art thou?

This exercise has been satisfying and frustrating all at the same time.
I love a variety of the fireplaces that I have come across but the reality is that I have to live with certain restrictions....
geez.... I don't like restrictions!!
I mean the fact that our floor space is small but that darn ceiling is soooo high...
It does not make the decision easy....
who ever said cathedral ceilings are lovely.... perhaps has not lived with them??
Anyway, I am narrowing it down to a few possibilities....
one is that the stone or the brick may need only be apparent within a wooden mantle and surround
as below.....

Source: goo.gl via Tanna on Pinterest

Both these fireplaces have inner stone work with a lovely wooden surround.
That means I could have a bit of both and not too much of either?

I love the wood work on the above version.... it adds such lovely detailing.
Perhaps too traditional for my house with the cottage feeling?

Source: goo.gl via Reita on Pinterest

Maybe the idea of just leaving the upper part of the fireplace wall alone is not a bad thing?
I am not convinced I want a whole lot of anything climbing up my wall...

I want it to stand out but blend in at the same time....

I love the feeling of this one above which has the subtle effect of the blue with the white creamy wood surround.

And then I will have some space to build shelving on either side..... or just one side?
Oh yes, I sound so sure and convinced of what I will choose..... don't I?
One thing for sure I am seeing a lovely painting above my fireplace....
So as a little reminder...
here is where I am starting....
The fireplace 'box' will be inside the house and not on the outside.
Yes, the gallery wall will have to move...
along with a few other pieces.
We are planning to have the sofas face one another which means the newly built bookshelf will also have to move....

It will be cozy, given what you see above!
So, time to make some decisions...
What do you think?

À Bientôt


  1. Decisions, decisions. I'm terrible at making them, but I do think it's going to be beautiful & oh so cozy in that space! I guess if you try to stay more on the practical or traditional side of things, you won't tire of it.

    1. Well, as you can tell I am not any better at decision making. I think you are right though. The space is going to be cozy but I do need to consider what will blend in and look as though it was always part of the design. One thing I have learned over the years....work within the design.

  2. Good luck! Whatever you choose will look great!

  3. I love the stone, but what I am really loving right now are the bright tiles...that shot of the tiles with round motif has me wanting to do that myself.

    1. Beautiful isn't it! I find it very fresh, clean and classic. My husband is really loving the stone idea which I am trying to "tone" down if I can. Not easy now that he has gotten interested in decisions around the fireplace.


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