Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh yah...oh yah... We are going on a road trip!!!

Okay, okay, I thought it best I take you along on the road trip with us.
I have been feeling overwhelmed at work...barely hanging around here...
so I made the decision...
you can come!

So, where we going?
Well, nothing really out of this world or anywhere
but don't you just love a good road trip!!!
And this may be the last one I make with these youngins' of ours who are heading off to university.

Of course crowding in to a car with teenagers is not always easy at the best of times so don't panic if this gets a bit crazy at times.....
and yes, it is a 10 hour car trip!!
oops that might turn you off but just know this...
we are heading off to Georgian Bay (I wrote an ode to Georgian Bay at a writer's workshop, that is how much I love it)
to see granny and the grandfather!!!

Oh, and you can sleep between Montréal and Toronto as the highway known as the 401 is
not too interesting.....
see you soon!!!
À Bientôt


  1. Have a safe trip. Weather is to be great.

  2. I hope you have safe travels, especially on the 401! But then, I live in the Maritimes where it's much slower and way less traffic than up in Onatrio. The 401 is a nightmare for me. lol Enjoy your visit.

  3. sounds like fun! have a good time

  4. I adore Georgian Bay too! Enjoy your trip!

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  7. Wow, I have missed some fantastic posts over here! Shame on me! I hope you enjoy your trip, and I am ALWAYS dreaming of pink! :D

    Such great inspiration over here....



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