Sunday, April 8, 2012

Road Craze

Hey this is fun!

This is my first post ever from my cell phone...
Quick and to the point!
The road trip was interesting as 8 hours in a car can stimulate a range of emotions from the ridiculous to the mundane...
 And of course we did not make it out of the province before stopping to pick up some of the best chocolatines at Première Moison!

So, on the road and not long after Montréal we were crossing the border to Ontari-ari-o....

 and then frustration with gas prices....although much cheaper than Québec
and then a lot of below... driving, driving .....driving.

 Five people in a vehicle may not have been too smart at this stage but
too late to turn back... this one kept me smiling the whole way... 

easy-going as she is and always smiling!!
Oh and we actually went! 
Be back with more....


  1. Enjoy your road trip with the kids. We got a lot of snow here today so I hope Ontar-iar-iario is nicer!

  2. You may be squished with five in the car and thinking the trip is endless, but just think of the memories you are making with your kids. It's kind of like childbirth in that you forget the bad and remember the funny and fun after.

    Happy Easter.

    1. You are so right! I have already forgotten that part. How much fun is it to be with your kids at all ages!

  3. Road trips can be so fun! How nice to be doing it with your teenagers, they won't be around forever and now is the time to make memories!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. I can guess you are having fun even though it may seem that you aren't right now. It's the memories you're making that you'll remember.


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