Friday, April 27, 2012

Copy Cat Challenge

Here is a little Friday fun....
I am taking the copycat challenge and linking this project up...

I love the entryway above but I don't have a round mirror....
so a little creativity is needed in this one.
but fun it was.....
and I do need a break from the serious decision about what to do about my fireplace!!
Help, if you have ideas then please do share....

Sorry about the image quality...I swear my iPhone is the better camera.
Linking up to Debbie at the copycat challenge.

this was a much needed break from the serious decision about what to do about my fireplace!!
Help, if you have ideas then please do share.... over here

À Bientôt


  1. Yes a little creativity goes along way.
    Yours is great!!

  2. You did a great job on the copy cat challenge. I must try this once I get home. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  3. Okay, I'm picking yours as the best version! It's a little softer and has all the same elements. ~ Maureen

  4. Wonderful! So nice to see you. It has been awhile indeed. I am so happy you joined in on the challenge. So much fun and you did a fantastic job.

  5. Oh Donna, that's awesome! Such a creative take on the original. You did an excellent job!

  6. Love your interpretation, Donna. I think it turned out great.

  7. This totally works! Except, MY kids' shoes would be scattered everywhere, and I'd be tripping on them. Love the giant wreath!

  8. Donna what a great idea! I love how you used a giant wreath as opposed to purchasing a round mirror. The wreath adds so much texture and warmth. Honestly, I have to say I like yours the best, it really has given me much inspiration.

  9. Your copy cat is great! I love the little table (I have a thing for white tables lately) and the wreath was a great idea to add roundness and texture.

  10. How clever! I would never have thought in a million years to put a vine wreath around the rectangular mirror, but it's a great capture of the mood/look of the inspiration pic. In fact, I did a double-take at first to make sure it was not a round mirror you put up, despite what you'd written about not having one.

  11. The grape vine wreath does emulate the round mirror. Your entry way looks lovely.


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