Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stone Perfect? Is that it?

No, it is not Christmas
but.... I am on the hunt for a fireplace design...
We are switching out the old wood stove for a built-in variety which means
an actual fireplace...
with a mantel.
Am I excited?
Why yes.... I actually invited some people to an intimate party to share
my excitement....
and their knowledge.

Oh and yes... I know, I know...
send out invitations before the party.... 
but I love that some people showed up just the same,
to assist me on my quest... and perhaps more ideas are on the way?

House Beautiful

House and Home

I have to be honest.
Our ceilings are soft wood...
our floors are hard wood...
and there is the odd wood wall.
So... yes,
stone just seems to sneak its way into the equation... no matter what the season!
And definitely a wreath will adorn the new fireplace at Christmas...
am I getting ahead of myself? 

Oh yah....love the feel of that fireplace.
It is interesting how stone can present itself in such different ways.
The fireplace above seems so much warmer to me than the grey variety...
does that mean that the colour of stone will be the most important consideration if we go this way?
I love the brown tones of the fireplace above.

Miss Kitty showed me something in her fireplace that I never really considered....
how you work with the mortar can really change the overall look.
Oh, yes, she is at the fireplace show and tell party
Trust me....that girl has style!
I will show you her fireplace when we look at brick.

Cote de texas

Pinkish and grey stone? Hmm not sure.....
The room above certainly mimics our ceiling, although ours is stained.
Maybe that hard stone
will defy the addition of a TV which I am gathering is not at the top of Ricki Jill's list of what to do with a fireplace.
Yep, she was there too....at the party ... fun gal....fantastic artist.....I think she may have preferred art above her fireplace instead of her TV.

This one above almost feels "fairy-tale-ish".... don't you think?
So cute.... too cute?

Source: google.com via An Anglo on Pinterest

Not sure if it is the all white slipcovered furnitue I love or the fireplace but I do love this space and
I do have white slipcovered furniture so maybe that works?

The one above is an actual built-in woodstove variety. Certainly very cottage-y. Our house faces a ski resort, with a duck pond off the front....it certainly does feel cottage-y.

Our ceilings are about 15 ft high so perhaps we could take the stone right up the wall?
Okay, that gives you a few images to consider...
So, what do you think, any favourites in there...
Please let me know....
oh and if you want to show me your fireplace, or one belonging to a friend or one that you saw somewhere....wherever....well then please send along the link in a comment....
À Bientôt


  1. Such a beautiful collection of stone fireplaces! A stone fireplace does sound dreamy in your home. What does "The Boss" think? Thanks so much for the mention in your blog post...I have had several folks come over to my blog as a result of the link you added.

    1. Oh "The Boss" is loving stone but he is playing it safe and waiting. :)

  2. The stone fireplaces are quite impressive and would 'do' well in your home. I have two floor to ceiling fireplaces of slump stone brick in my home and I'd send you a photo if I 1) had a blog, or 2) knew how! We didn't have this house built so the fireplaces were here when we bought, but I've liked them through the years. My home is a mishmash of styles, but the family room, where we live, is mostly western with casual furniture and an antique clock on the mantle. I'll be interested in seeing the brick fireplaces when you post them.

    1. Jill, do you have an email address? If you do then email me and perhaps I can help you upload a photo to your computer. I have a feeling those two fireplaces are beautiful!! Slump stone brick? Wow!!

  3. Some wonderful fireplace examples. I linked mine up to your party. We did not build our home. We bought it 2 1/2 yrs. ago. I do like our fireplace. Sometimes I wish my mantle was white. Hubby would die if I painted it. Not going to happen. Our fireplace is gas, but I do miss the look of a real one.

    1. I love you mantel and I understand about the white issue. My husband has the same issue with me and my paintbrush! ;)

  4. A stone fireplace would be very pretty in your cottage. I prefer photo #3 for your house. Are you leaning toward one over the others?


    1. Ha! Photo #3 is my favourite!! I think it would fit our house best. It certainly feels comfortably informal.

  5. Beautiful images.

    Be sure to check out my most recent post for info on my GIVEAWAY.

    - The Tablescaper


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