Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help me? Yes, you already did....really....

It all started with....
the boss.
He is still chuckling over his photo.... you can see that here.....
He wanted a fire on a day when I was thinking spring would arrive...
Problem was...
It appeared spring had other plans

But, he ignited the idea... ouch... sorry I could not resist.....
and well, when those mechanisms up there start to turn and creak and turn some more....
I get busy.
Busy planning.

Of course, you may know me by now...
Planning is the most involved stage for me....

planning, analyzing, sketching, writing to all of you
and then back to the planning and sketching.

Our kitchen was drawn out several times on multiple pieces of printer paper...
hmmm... I guess that is why we are always out?

So, yes, I am planning right now...
I have narrowed it down
I have a few pics I am sharing that have made it to the top of my list
please do let me know which you prefer...
if any,

It is not the whole image that strikes me
but parts of it that I can see fitting together to fill in our puzzle...

so which would be at the top of your list?? Any?

Here goes in the order of details....

Number One:
love the feel....colour of the stone...and you know who loves it even more....  Somehow I may need to work this in to the equation.

Number Two:
So... I love the idea of keeping the upper part of the "chimney" quiet. I am thinking of working with simple drywall....molding.... perhaps?

Number Three:
I do want a wooden mantel and surround such as this.... so the hunt is on for an antique wooden mantel

Number Four:
Well, I am 100% sure I will be working in a side extension with a built-in for wood and perhaps something else... not sure what but this look will be incorporated in some way.

I also want the insert to be up off the ground so you can enjoy the fireplace from different
vantage points....
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

This one is an actual insert and gives me a good idea of what need to think about so that I don't
simply have a box sitting in front of the wall.... I do need to do some type of build-in and or window seat? There is a great view from that wall over to the ski hills. I am really sad about sacrificing that.

So, this is my last post on fireplaces....
I hope that the next time I mention a fireplace it will be the before photos and then the afters.

À Bientôt


  1. Donat,

    The big rock fireplace is nice but you will have weight issue..... because, it is very heavy. So you`ll have to take it in consideration for your budget ...

    1. merci Guy?.... Tu as raison! Mais, je veux pas vraiment 'the big rock fireplace' mais peut-être une partie en pierre.

    2. Ouin mais tu vas devoir solidifier ton plancher au sous-sol..... Tu devrais faire passer ta cheminée pas dehors. Comme ça le poid sera réparti. xxx

    3. I love #4 too

    4. Moi aussi. Mais, il faut qu'on discute autour d'un verre du vin! ;)

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  2. It's Quebec, so of course you need rock. Drywall on the top is nicer for display and hanging pictures. I like the idea of an antique mantel or a barn beam would be great. Built ins would be fab. You have my approval on everything! :) What a relief for you!

  3. Hi Donna. I really love the first stone fireplace for it's warm colour but it is very high. The 3rd and 4th ones seem to fit your wall space better (after looking at the pic of your living room in yesterday's post) and the 4th gives you the built-in bookshelves. Such a great choice and I look forward to seeing the next episode of before and after. All the best!

  4. I love number 4. Can't wait to see the one that you go with.

  5. I do like the first one. Are you in search of some salvaged brick? That would bring you the perfect texture.

    1. I love the idea of the salvaged brick. I think it is hard to find around here. I am going to actually start pricing out some of these options but it is worth considering.

  6. Oh I'm torn! I like them all and would vote for #1, the stones, in a heartbeat, but afraid of the weight and how much it would impose on your room.
    Otherwise, I'm all for anything that allows bookshelves! I'm just obsessed with shelving and spend time with my magnifying glass reading the book titles.

    1. You are a wise woman Jill! I am trying to find a way to give it perhaps the 'feel' of the stone without the weight. I think some solutions are now obvious. As for shelving, well, I am with you on that. I love the look and feel of bookshelves. I am going to have to move the one that I just made but we are now planning on making the wall where the old fireplace was, into a built-in bookshelf wall. Something I have always wanted. We can keep our two club chairs there for reading!
      Glad to hear from you again Jill!!

  7. I like number one for your home. I love all of them, but #1 I think would be *perfect* in your adorable cottage. Which way are you leaning? I am dying to know!


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