Monday, June 18, 2012

TV Room Finale

I love the doing....
but in this case I am loving the ending.
This has been one of those projects where "the do-ing" required a lot of measuring, a lot of cutting and a lot of frustration...
I do not blame any of it on my best friend.....nail gun....
but rather on myself and a strong desire to get it all done.

Anyway, this project started with the need to replace the old "bad 70's paneling" wall after a plumbing issue.
So, I decided to go with horizontal wood boards to tie the basement TV room in with the upper floors in our home...
Easy, right?
Well, yes, actually it is...
or rather, was.

It is a walk-out basement so there is a lot of light in this space during the day...... 
and at night it feels rather cozy....

 So, the new wall is done and painted in a creamy white...
I promised everyone that I would try to incorporate colour into the basement and I have tried hard although
I can already feel some cushion cover projects coming my way...
not in love with the orange but for now it will do.

....uh....yes, no editing beyond the french doors to the mudroom..... this is real life after all......

I love a good gallery wall and in this case one that is dedicated to family pics.
I will be adding to this wall over the course of the summer and take it right down to the floor....

This is a hang-out space....books, TV, games.....
so I have to go light on the "decorating"...... a sort of un-decorated approach....

and finally we have joined the world of big screen TV's,
although this is of a smaller variety
but perfect for the space.
This beautiful bench got a coat of white paint.....
to become the focal point under the TV
and home to some of the needed extras that go with the whole TV exeperience ....

I think I am liking the idea of keeping this wall clean....
for now anyway.
I decided that this space had to include 'stuff' that we already had.... my dad's old skis on the wall, the bench, stuff that was looking for a new home......

Now if I could only make those wires disappear....
(note, attempt to wash them out in the last image??)
Any ideas???

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  1. You did an amazing job on that wall, Donna! I love how it turned out. Your TV room looks like a comfy place to relax and watch a TV or even settle in with a good book.

  2. I love that wood paneled wall. I keep looking around our house for a place to build one, but so far I can't see a good spot. I love the look on them and yours looks fantastic. Personally, I love your orange cushions. They add a nice pop of colour and can so easily be changed down the road since the rest of the room is so neutral. The bench works well under the TV, but the cables are a problem. What about mounting the TV on some of the wood paneling so the cables can be hidden behind the paneling.

  3. Donna, it looks like a great spot to relax or read. I really like the plank board walls and the gallery wall adds interest. You can buy a cable cover which is a molded plastic that can be painted to match your wall. I think they can be found a hardware stores. Great job! Enjoy.

  4. Your family room looks great! I love the orange and white cushions. I love the french doors behind the couches, chairs! Your white bench with the tv looks great. You could cover the cord in a fabric the same colour as the wall. A cord cover.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I love this space, Donna....especially the gallery wall. Your orange cushions are perfect for adding a splash of color! LOVE them! I think a pretty chord cover would do the trick.

  6. The wood wall is perfect for your house! I like all of it, including the orange cushions. The floral is a great bit of softness for the linear feel of the tv and bench. Well done!

  7. I like it very much. What is through the French doors? The TV cords are always a problem. How nice to have a room large enough to have a false wall that one could go behind to pull the cords straight.

    1. The French doors lead to the storage, wood, bicycles.....and the entry during the colder months of the year....6 months of the year....

  8. Salut Donna, c'est Nat.

    Superbe TV room. c'est magnifique. J'ai hate de voir ça de mes yeux.

    Bisous !!!

    On se tel pour marcher bientot.


  9. Very earthy and kinda retro! I'm diggin your new digs!

  10. I am so impressed, bravo!! Not sure I would have tackled that one, but the result is perfect.

  11. Such a sophisticated and chic modern look. Love this. Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.

  12. What a great basement! The pillows are the perfect pop of color. And, the bench is a perfect media solution!


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