Saturday, July 7, 2012

First Apartments

So, it works this way here in Québec.
You finish secondary school and then you go to CEGEP (collège d'enseignement général et professional)
and then you go to university ( or not )...

This year some universities are not starting
until the beginning of October
in Québec you rent from July 1 to June 30th....
so the rent schedule starts NOW....
which means renting a truck,
moving the pieces of furniture that our future student had pieced together
and getting it all transfered to Montréal
to her first apartment where she plans to study hard
in her tiny but well-appointed bedroom....
The kijiji chair which was worked on in another post has finally come to rest here....
Gorgeous wood floors which have been well maintained - bonus!!
Oh and of course, hang on a second,
let's set the scene...
add in extremely high temperatures
lots of traffic
and 3 flights of narrow stairs
(no elevators in these old Montréal buildings and possibly no building codes at the time of construction for the width of corridors??)
but hang on....
I cannot forget to mention the word IKEA.
Perhaps I need not say anything more??
Space is always tight in the closets of these old apartments so hooks and under-bed drawers are key to survival...
And of course anywhere that you can add a few hooks you do....

 Lots of editing to be done, pictures to be hung, flower pots to be filled....

But for now this is what came together in under 48 hours
with a trip to Ikea to get the bed.... put it together...
hang curtain rods and curtains,
clean windows.... you get it, right?

Well, transitions such as this
are exciting...
albeit not always easy for the maman!!
I am so glad that she is smilin'
in her first apartment.
Interesting and fun times ahead!!

À Bientôt
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  1. Well, we will be moving Shanley into her new apartment @ college on August 4th, so you are about a month ahead of us! Rent in Tuscaloosa usually runs Aug- July.

    Cute room!


  2. Exciting! First time on her own! Looks like it's well on its way to being stylish!

  3. I think her apartment is looking warm & inviting already! She must be so excited.

  4. So cute. I wish my first apartment looked like that. Thanks for joining the pin it party. I read your message and do hope everyone played nicely. I really have no control over that part, but from what I am seeing a lot of pins were generated. I do however, know Shannon and I did our part...for hours and hours HA!

  5. I like her tiny bedroom, I love her floors, and even the window looking out to the fire escape. What a special first apartment. She must be so happy and, just look there is the chair! I knew it would be wonderful gone to live with her beside her new bed. I think you and she did a great job in the time allotted. How exciting to be starting on a new adventure on her life's road. And how far away from home is she?

    1. The chair adds just the right touch to her little room. Any bigger would have been too much. She has a couple of months now to dream of the final touches such as pictures for the walls etc. She is only 3 hours away in Montréal. You are right Jill, an exciting adventure ahead.

  6. it looks so fresh and lovely. The moving DAY thing baffles me. I was at Ikea in Montreal the day after moving day and I wanted to scream....crazy....

  7. I think it baffles everyone...Forget about easily getting a truck when the entire province is angling to move around the same date! Of course rental prices for trucks go up as well.

  8. A lovely home in just a short time. I found you through the 'Feathered Nest Friday' link. Cheers

  9. It looks charming! Thank your for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday at 2805!


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