Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Randomness

Oh yes, projects galore.
Not sure when and how they will all get done
but right now
I am heading to my garden in the back...

yes, I know,

it does not yet look like a garden
but it will.
I have decided to refer to it as the garden to keep my focus.....

otherwise I may get a bit down
if I call it
the mudpit....  which it was last week after a good downpour....
or then again,
the sandpit?
which it was today after very hot temperatures.....

so yes, it is our garden.

Tomorrow we build the small deck off the dining room so I will have pictures galore
by Saturday night
 but in the meantime I am sort of dreaming of what the garden will look like....

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest

I am hoping to enjoy some alfresco dining and a setting like this certainly would be lovely...

Ooohhh I must figure out a way to rig up some paper lanterns!!

I am going to do something fun with pots....
not sure what, but something....

We talk about a pool but hey I should have had that gorgeous pelle do a bit more digging
if we were serious about that.... don't you think?

oh but this will happen in some form or another.....stone terrace.

Source: via An Anglo on Pinterest

Hmmmm.....lots of ideas here, just not sure what I can incorporate....
in the meantime,
gloves are on, sunscreen is lathered and if you are looking for me
then you know where to find me....
yep, in the garden.

À Bientôt


  1. Well by now you should be bone tired and sore from all your gardening today.
    These are lovely outdoor areas and full of ideas for yours to come. I do often wonder about al fresco lunching/dining and wonder what happens to the flies and bugs. Likewise the beautiful tropical homes with the doors and windows thrown open to the elements, where are the critters?

    1. Well, you might laugh Jill since critters in our part of the word include bears. Yep, we have had bears wander in to our back yard. However, as far as bugs go, for the most part we have screened doors on every door that is opened up to the elements. Also, screened in tents are part of the norm here, they are called gazebos and have both a screened and plastic curtain option. That might be a possibility for us as well. We will see. I am very excited to be dining in the backyard with the stars overhead!!

  2. Lots of inspiration in these photos. I absolutely love that first one! Enjoy your garden. It's very hot here and dry. I'm watering every evening and wishing for a little rain.

  3. I know what you mean Pamela!! I watered our garden last night as if everything is looking a bit dry.... I am so excited to see the changes in our garden over the weekend.

  4. Love all those gardens. Now anyone could be yours!!!
    It's very dry here as well. Watering day and night. We were to get a thunderstorm, but it never came through.

  5. Hi, I hope you got a lot accomplished over the weekend and are well on your way to creating your dream "garden". If it's even remotely like any of your dream images it will be gorgeous! Thank you for praying for my daughter, she is doing well and is well on her way to recovery. And I'm going home soon, I've been away from Canada long enough. :)
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Ooooh, that inspiration phot - the first one - is utterly, utterly gorgeous! I LOVE it!!



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