Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Overload??

Someone asked...
how is it going in the back yard?
I thought of of many inspiration pics that have been circulating in my brain.

I am thinking of attaching a pergola to the deck so we have an extended shaded area.
but not quite there yet, only here.

The excitement of the "pelle" known as digger (can read more about that here)
resulted in that gang making a sloppy mistake.
Turns out they did not measure twice before putting in the support post...
that would be the reason for a temporary beam on one side.

Well, nothing looks too pretty at this stage, so
I keep my eye on the prize and focus on images such as these....

I think I may be experiencing project overload....
I find myself heading off to Tadoussac where I can enjoy dinners at lovely tables with all my friends....
and pretend that no projects await me at home in Québec...
could be the sign of something,
Tadoussac dinners are casual but full of traditions.... I love the sari.

À Bientôt


  1. It's always so hard to wait for projects to be completed. Keep look at pretty inspiration & hopefully that will help!

    1. Exactly! I am overloading myself on inspiration pics!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! The pain may be the part that is pulling me down! ;)

  3. why Tadoussac of all places?? Of course maybe it's changed, there wasn't much of anything there when I left the province years ago...

    Love your inspiration photos.


    1. Anne, check out my post on Tadoussac....
      One of my favourite summer spots.

  4. My husband built a pergola over our patio at our old house and I miss is soooo much. It's one thing I didn't want to leave behind, but we didn't have a choice.

    1. Thanks Andrea for sending me more information on that pergola. Would love to see some images!! Sounds lovely.

  5. Has the addition of the deck caused your downstairs room to 'go dark?' I notice the window looking out under the deck and wondered.

    1. Yes it certainly does Jill. The room on the other side of the window is our TV room which I revealed in an earlier post. So it is actually not a problem. On a rainy day it is really cozy watching TV or movies down there. We were expecting this and it was somewhat of a dilemma in our minds initially but I am not disappointed in the results. Now to figure out how to treat the space under the deck?? I have some ideas.

    2. Will there be adequate sunlight under the deck for shrubs/flowers?

    3. We could have some shade plants but it will be more about a shady retreat from the sun. The back is south-west facing and has constant sunlight as of 11 a.m. so we will be placing the table under the pergola and using the under deck space as a spot for a little outdoor sofa. (good place for snoozing...not that much of that ever seems to happen around here!)

  6. I love your dream pictures. I think it will look fabulous when it's finished as it is a nice spot in your yard to start with. Love the table at your friend's home.


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