Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Une Pelle?

Heads up....
une pelle is a digger?
You know....big machine that moves dirt?

Okay, let me start from the beginning.

It went something like this, after too many years of humming and hawing,
we made a decision...

Finally, the door off the dining room would no longer be the door to nowhere.

What you say?
Why do we have a door to nowhere??
You mean not everybody does?

Well, first off, probably because of this....

known as front deck...
and this...
known as side deck.

The door that leads to nowhere actually leads to the backyard.

But given that our house is 3 stories high, due to the fact that it is built into a hill,
it is basically
a door that leads to nowhere.
well, for now that is....

 Okay, back to la pelle...

So, I will admit that I was very excited at the idea of this project
finally coming to fruition.
But, then I heard slow down...
well, I think that was the message....

I had to agree to the following,

this is a process which will take time...
Probably two summers to complete.
First summer,
small deck to access the back yard
and then rip out all the rotting wood retainer walls (and that is a lot of retaining walls....)
then, level out the different assigned areas
and finally add in the fine gravel to prepare the terrace area for next year when we would put
in some stone pavers. problem, in stages, a it!!

I can pace myself honey....

But then.....
In came la PELLE..
You see, we were expecting somebody to show up on a 4 wheeler to put in the posts that would support
the small deck installation.
But this showed up...
so I escorted him to the backyard
and then I just happened to show him the rotting retaining walls
and well...
He sure is mighty strong and able
wouldn't you say?
so yep
I suggested that he spend a little time in the back
strutting his stuff and perhaps
leveling the land.

It is amazing how this whole process thing works....isn't it?
I mean, I think we just jumped a few steps...
right honey??

À Bientôt


  1. Oh my! this is going to be a BIG project, but it will be wonderful to have the terraces (?) when you are done. I take it that the lone door is from your basement and so you will walk out onto a deck/terrace? Take lots of pictures for your building album. This should be fun!

    1. Actually Jill, it is another door...set of french doors that were put in at the same time as the front set. Okay, I will take photos tomorrow and post them. The deck will be from, essentially, the second floor. The door you see in those photos is from the "walk-out basement". You are sooo right....time to take pictures!!

  2. I love your decks! And the deck chairs. and the hanging ferns. This sounds like a big project but it's going to look so nice when you are finished. I look forward to seeing how it looks. Pamela

    1. Thanks Pamela. We do use that front deck A LOT1 No doubt about it. I think the effect of the woods in the back will be nice for Alfresco dining. I will "attempt" to take pictures of your quality. ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! This is going to be quite the beautiful project when it's completed!

    1. Well, my fingers are crossed! I am perhaps a little too excited??

  4. :D we say in the South....La Pelle can "git 'er done" quickly! I think it's awesome that you jumped ahead a few steps!!!


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