Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$100 Bedroom Update

Amongst all the madness of a backyard project....
we are in need of another guest room.
So, my adorable boy child has moved on to an apartment in preparation for school that starts in 3 weeks....
and as a result
he has left behind an empty shell of a room.
Everything went.
Well, except remnants of clothing, this and thats.
Of course it is still his room but he claims that if he moves back in he would like to suss out the possibilities of turning my basement office into his bedroom.....
In the meantime I have some important visitors showing up in a few days so I had to turn on the all this heat.....
and get motoring.
Basically, it meant doing this on a budget.
Finding all the little items around the house that could be re-assigned to this new space
maintaining a room that he could come home to.....
18 year old boy style.... hmmmm....did I just write ......STYLE?
So yes I have plans to sand these floors and paint them but for now they are going to get covered.

 This closet is awkward to work with but solutions are possible.....

I had a canvas that I had been fooling around on a few months back that became an obvious possibilities....turning it into a mixed media piece seems to work in this temporary setting.
An old bed and headboard set the tone with warm browns which would still appeal to the 18 yr. old that will be camping out here from time to time.....
 The closet is still going to be storage for winter clothes and extra sets of clothing and supplies while he is here but also provides some storage space for visitors.
Drop cloths to the rescue with this odd space configuration....

I did need to purchase a new lamp and scored this one at Home Sense for 22$....
adds a little sparkle to the room paired with another sparkly candle holder and a small silver bowl for holding small items.
The table is an old drop-leaf dining table that I painted in a creamy white to brighten up the wood walls.
These chocolate brown damask curtains were originally bought from Urban Outfitters as a bed sheet but have since been used as a duvet cover and now as drapes....

No, I am not an artist, but I think this works for now....

Well, about 100$ later and two days of work we have a guest room slash Alex's room.
His reaction....
"Yup, well, like I said mom, not my swag but hey I got my eyes on your it is all good!'

À Bientôt

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  1. Donna, this room looks wonderful! I love the bed headboard and the dropleaf table. The drop cloth curtain is perfect. I think you are an artist. Love your modern painting! Great job!

    1. Thanks Pamela....the wonders of "modern" art. I had fun anyway.

  2. Beautiful job Donna - love it!

  3. Nice pull together in two days! It's too bad your son had to leave his doll house behind with the extra clothes. It would have been a hit in college! ~ Maureen

    1. Too funny Maureen!! His room has suffered from spill-over from dear sister and her over-flowing room.... :) I hope he doesn't open the curtain too soon!!

  4. Heehee, I love you son's comment!

    You did an awesome job! You'd never believe you did all that in 2 days & for only $100. Wow!

    1. Yep, I take it you know what swag is all about?

  5. Well I think it's inspirational and boys, well, boys sleep ANYWHERE! :)


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