Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maritime Road Trip

Well, I am back.
Feels good, although I have to admit that looking out my back door sends a small shiver
down my back.....
so much work to get done!!!

But, I thought I would share with you a few of the lovely homes that marked our route
down to Nova Scotia, up to PEI and back to Québec.

So many lovely houses
and of course I had to be careful not to annoy my traveling partners by taking too many photos
of homes sooooo....
here are just a few.

The one above is from Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Okay, so that was my first surprise....
Fredericton is a gorgeous little city and there are stunning houses at every turn!!
I fell in love with this place and will most certainly head back for another visit.
These are just a few of the beauties we came across...

So many large homes in this little city and with such variation in character and style.
Loved it!!
We moved on to Nova Scotia quickly and made our way down to Halifax where we spent the night and enjoyed the harbour festivities.
Here is one of my lovely traveling partners.... my mom....turns 84 next month.
The harbour is lively and I did take a few shots but they are not really blog-worthy...
uh....yes, I know....all these photos could use some extra help and time to get a real camera
but that is on the list....I think it is number 99??
Okay, so a quick stop in Halifax and then on to the lovely towns of Chester, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.
I love this area and am dreaming of owning a cottage near the village of Chester.
Old style shingles with a bit of a modern twist?

Such a welcoming entrance and so gorgeous!!!

I think I really need a gate entrance somewhere around my house.....
I love the tradition of hanging a flower basket on the storm door... I saw this house last summer....
Nova Scotia is filled with lovely little villages and these amazing cottage homes.
They are really nice sizes and it is rare that you will see a McMansion like those that seem to be taking over in my part of the world....
quaint yet so full of style and character!!

 Peggy's Cove is adorable and for the first time ever I actually saw it in the sunshine!!
These old shingled houses seem to stand the test of time perched out there on the edge of the ocean.

It was hard but we did  to pull away from lovely Nova Scotia
make our way over to Prince Edward Island for a quick visit to see Anne....
I have more photos of Nova Scotia though if you are interested over here....
click on the image below if you want to see more...

So, Prince Edward Island is probably most famous for Anne of Green Gables
as this is the home of author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

I have to say we did not have the best
experience on the island and that was due to a lack of planning on our part.
Old home week on the island meant there was a huge hotel shortage!!
We had not really counted on that and this part of the trip was supposed to be a bit more
of an adventure...

hmmmm.....I am now re-thinking adventure.

The island is very quaint....farmland and beautiful red sandy beaches have the greatest impact
on you as a visitor.
Of course a stop off to see where the story of Anne of Green Gables originates was a must.

 I was so taken by this image of the red geraniums in the window since they reminded
me of my own grandmother.

Lucy Maude Montgomery (author) was adopted by her grandparents as a child and their home set the stage for her novel.
Having read the novel as a child it was really interesting to tour the grounds and the home.
Certainly a must see for Anne fans.
I will admit that we did not stay long in PEI.
I have been before and would probably go back and rent a cottage on the water.
Very pretty, peaceful and a good place to relax.
But, this was a road trip after all....
so, on we went with a stop back in Fredericton
and then back to Québec via Rivière du Loup
and the old highway 132.
The houses along this route are stunning so I did have a chance to capture a few images
for you.
Kamouraska, Québec

A summer home sitting on the edge of the St. Lawrence.

The summer residence of Sir John A MacDonald which is now a B&B

So, that is it in a rather condensed version...
I have a few days to do some work around here
before leaving on our bike trip through the Laurentians.
And then...yes then....I will have to get serious about these projects around here....
but remember summer does not last long in this neck of the world.....
Any favourites in the house images above??
I have one but would love to know which is your favourite....
à bientôt


  1. I love all those homes, but I'm drawn to the little, weathered fisherman's place. There's something alluring about a tiny house on a windswept coast. ~ Maureen

  2. I like the one with the turquoise door in PEI or the red on in Quebec. I do love the East Coast architecture. I hear that the Europeans are buying n our East Coast...

    1. Apparently so...plus New Zealanders. I guess the summer winter scenario suits them as well as the prices.

  3. Thanks for the lovely tour Donna. It brings back many memories of our touring days.
    Love all the row housing in different colours. We visited Anne of Green Gables as well.
    We also visited the Inn where Avonlea was filmed.

    1. Oh no.. we missed the Inn! That would have been interesting.

  4. What beautiful homes, Donna. I'm so glad you took us along on your road trip. I think the green house in Fredericton is my favorite!

  5. Hi Donna, You found some really sweet homes in the Maritimes. I have to admit I don't recognize one of the 3 houses you show from Fredericton so I will have to go search for them now. I love the shingled cottage in NS (the second one down). That would be my dream cottage I think. The blue one in Fredericton is very pretty too. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

  6. Oh my! I like them all, but am drawn to the first one, the lovely blue, trimmed in white.

  7. what gorgeous houses, cheers for the brief tour. I am really crushing on the red stable door. Your mom is lovely btw :)

  8. I love the home with the basket, it is small but very welcoming. Thanks for sharing your trip, it is a lot of fun, I also like your writing style.


  9. Gorgeous. I head out Tuesday morning for Halifax to take Kate to univeristy. I can't wait. I love the maritime houses that you showed - I'm going to be taking a million photos too. Only one week until school starts (sniff, sniff).


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