Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Memories

I know summer is not officially over but I feel it is rapidly coming to an end.
We have been so busy organizing children into their school year that the idea of summer entertaining feels overwhelming right now.
In some ways I love the end of summer as I often find myself anxious for a return to "normalcy".
It sounds boring I know but....
summer tends to bring for us a lifestyle filled with excess...

dinner parties, new wines we just have to try, recipes we want to master,  travel, house guests, late nights by the fire and a bank account that is screaming STOooooop! 
I have no regrets from this summer, 
with increased trips to Tadoussac...
 a lovely village on the side of the St. Lawrence with ample opportunity for hiking and swimming.

Our outdoor fireplace was well-used this summer.....
it has quite a magical feel when viewed from the road.
I snapped this one night after walking one of the visiting dogs....

Oh yes, we had to put our lovely dog down this summer
and it seemed quite timely that
we had several friends arrive with their dogs to keep us all company...
got me wondering about the possibility of another dog in our lives.

With all the memories of our bike trip, road trip to the maritimes, visits in the Charlevoix
we are definitelyfeeling the appeal of the fall season.

There is a fireplace project to deal with in September and some remaining work to be done outside....
Already the fall decorations are lining the shelves of HomeSense
along with the odd sparkle of Christmas.....
and on that point I say
PLEASE people can we hold off on Christmas for at least another month???

So, back to some good old Steel cut oats in the morning,
some simpler dinners in the evening.....
a little solitude ...
And I happily say.......bring it on....

À Bientôt


  1. Hi Donna, summer sure went by fast, as always. It is definitely cooler here today but the next two days will be hot again. I'm sorry you had to put your dog down this summer. We may be doing the same later in the fall. :( Such is life.

  2. Summer is very rapidly fading isn't it? I have enjoyed reading about your adventures, the pictures were lovely, Donna. I too am looking forward to the fall, albeit our summer has been very dismal..... very. Here is hoping for next year :)

    1. Jileen, I am sure you must find some way to deal with the misty rain of Scotland.... such a beautiful country. Does fall roll in quickly as it often does here?

  3. Well, I for one will enjoy the last three weeks of summer. I don't like doing things in advance. I like to enjoy the moment! You had a great summer, and I know you enjoyed your outdoor space.

    I will miss summer, but I do have college football season to console me, which starts this weekend! YAY!!! Roll Tide!!! ;P


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