Monday, October 15, 2012

The Problem with Fall

Well, I took about a minute on the weekend to do a little decorating(?) for  the Fall season....

Probably shouldn't have even taken a picture of that....
rather simple
and rather boring but the problem is that the ground is already freezing here
so in reality I need to get on to this....
Source: via An Anglo on Pinterest

Every year it seems that the need to get those branches and boughs into my outdoor pots and window boxes is increasingly cutting into my Fall decorating season....
Once the soil freezes I am out of luck.
So, these pumpkins will probably last another 2 weeks at most and then I will be moving
ahead with the next season!

Crazy, I know....
Oh but the real excitement for me is the approaching date for the fireplace installation.
10 days away!!
Soon cold mornings will be easy to take with the sound of crackling wood in our fireplace.
Happy Monday all!!

À Bientôt


  1. For those of us in the frozen north, fall is a pretty short season. I put mine in right after labour day, which seems a bit early, but that the ways it goes. You must be sooo excited about the fireplace! ~ Maureen

  2. I like your pumpkins in the urns! I will soon be doing the winter thing too but so far no freezing here. I like to cut greens and red dogwood sticks for my summer pots and have to do it before the dirt in them freezes. I can't wait to see your new fireplace! Exciting.

  3. Your urns look pretty even if they are frozen! :D How exciting...10 more days...yeah!

  4. Hey Donna, I know where you are coming from. As soon as Halloween is gone out goes the pumpkins and in goes the greens and branches. Your steps look inviting.

  5. I like the pumpkins, Donna :) Can't wait to see your fireplace


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