Sunday, November 11, 2012

Armoire Design

Designing an armoire was as much about need as it was about desire....
We needed to temporarily hide an old chimney as well as create something of substance
for this end of the room.

The table looks so much smaller in this photo .....
it is in reality 6 feet long and about 21 inches deep.

I picked up the windows on kijiji a while back and had always planned
to make a cupboard of sorts with them so I am now thinking that is actually what I will do.

So, basically it was all about making a box,
using a pine wood backing and rough pine boards on the side and bottom.
I wanted it to be deep enough for books as well as some favourite pottery so
I went with a 10" depth.

which with the addition of another side cupboard has become this.
I painted all the interior white to soften the overall look.
See more about decorating the armoire here....

À Bientôt


  1. That table is amazing! It looks great on that wall.

  2. Cute doggie!! Poppies are a beautiful tribute to all those young mens' lives...

  3. Love that table and the windows! They will work well there for sure.

  4. The table with the windows on top is a great solution to a large wall that needs decorating.

  5. I am liking what I am seeing! I think the table was a great solution & I love the windows!

  6. I'm amazed you can put together a 'box' and affix windows to the front and voila you have book shelves that are perfect for your area. Such talent blows me away.

    1. Uh, good power tools? You are so sweet Jill. My dad taught me a lot about figuring it out. I have been accumulating the odd power tool in the last few years that make this type of project quite easy.


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