Friday, November 9, 2012

I HOPE you are ALL really OPINIONated

I doctored some images on picmonkey with the gritty feature so that you can see better the details of what I am working with....

lighting is terrible here today and my little wee iphone camera is not too good ....
yes, I have a DSLR camera on my wish list for Christmas.

So remember....
still in motion over here.....walls to be painted, drywall to be taped.... and no we are not leaving the
black spray-painted graffiti DUROCK OBLIGATOIRE on the fireplace....

I am just looking for your opinion on a few details while
giving you an update....
Fair enough??
So, here is the thought process....
We have had those striped blinds on those windows since l994!! 
I am thinking of going with some drapes for both windows and possibly the doors?
Yep, opinions welcomed.....

 I believe, and I am not s designer ....
but I have a feeling that I need to add another bookshelf to the right of the window to balance things
Even though I am thinking of the curtains, I think it might all work...

I still need to figure out the lamps for the fireplace end
but I am loving the rug in that space now...
and on Monday I will finally receive the matching love seat for that space.

The little table that I found on kijiji should look great with the two white sofas....

I lost my gallery wall and need to find home for some of our artwork....
my favourite lady will probably not stay on that wall and certainly not at that height. opinionated can you be??

À Bientôt


  1. Maybe another picture instead of shelves to match the picture on the left?? Even if you remove 'her' you might put another one on that wall?
    For me, it's all about balance.
    Do you have neighbors? I don't, and I don't have any curtains. I love bare windows. The view outside is like paintings on the wall. :<)

  2. I love the rug and the white sofa and it will look great when the other sofa arrives. What coffee table are you going to use? Did you post the one you found on Kijiji?

    I think no curtains. It will crowd that wall. If you want to do a treatment there I would do a simple bamboo blind which you can get at wall mart or Zellers and Home Depot. They will give it some warmth and texture and a fresh, urban country look.

    Since you did ask for opinions, I would remove the shelf from that wall and place it on the wall behind the chair that faces the fireplace. I would then add 1 or 2 more bookshelves depending on the space you have and fill them up with books and nice things and also some baskets to tie in the bamboo shades. I would then have the chairs face each other adjacent to the bookshelves all anchored by that lovely smaller rug you have there. I see you have a tv on the shelf. Either person could angle their chair to face the TV (in fact this whole grouping could face the TV) and they can also face the living room fireplace area when needed with a lovely backdrop of a wall of bookcases behind. Just my first impression. Doesn't mean I don;t like what you have done but you also need to balance the fireplace wall and the wall directly opposite it or the space will feel unbalanced and look sparse on the fireplace/facing wall.

  3. I, too, vote for no curtains/drapes. Love the look of your out-of-doors and if nosy neighbors aren't a problem, I say leave the windows open with either the roll-up shades like you have or the bamboo Raz mentioned.

    I love the rug in the fireplace end and the dark table. I especially like the height of the table as opposed to a low coffee table. I have two of these higher tables I use as coffee tables in my living room and also in the TV/den room and they are so comfortable for refreshments. I love the white sofa and can picture the matching one to come. I'm torn about the bookshelf and would be apt to go for another (since I'm book obsessed!), but the picture(s) flanking would be a good and balanced look too.

  4. OK Here goes. I think you should have 2 book shelves on the end wall on the right if there is room. Move the one you have and add another. It will balance the fireplace on the opposite wall. I might hang the woman painting in between the bookshelves with a table, such as the white one next to the arm chair (it is a bit too tall for a side table to a chair), under it. I would use the spaces between the garden doors and the windows on either side of the room for your other artwork. I might go for a woven blind of some sort for privacy or long white drape panels. Are the valances you have up for decor or to keep out the bright sun? I would turn the two chairs on the right end around to face the bookshelves. When you have company you can move them toward the fireplace end. I think a small table in between these chairs would be nice, if there is room, with the ottoman in front of them. I don't know if the rug on the right is a favourite but it doesn't really match the oriental style one on the other side so if possible I'd change it out for something similar as the oriental or even a fun white shag (from Ikea). I love your new coffee table on the left and your new loveseat that is coming will beautifully balance that side of the room. Perhaps you could put the slipcovered arm chair at the end of that grouping facing the fireplace for a cozy seating area. I think the large plate and vase on top of the bookshelf are too tall and get lost in the ceiling beams. I might put a low basket up there. The plate and vase could be put on the book shelves if you get another one. I hope you don't mind my opinion and think I am way too opinionated. :) I am not a decorator but when I see this space you have with the long windows I see two seating areas and my creative juices get flowing. haha I love your fireplace even though it's not completed. I like that the firebox is situated up high so it's visible from all the areas of the floor. So, there you go. Opinions. And lots of them. It's just moving a few things around and perhaps buying a new bookshelf unit (which you don't have to do right away. You can put the bookshelf on the end wall with the table and the woman painting over it to balance that end. The tv could still be in the shelf facing out to the 2 chairs in front. Oh my. I have to stop. lol Hugs!! Pam

  5. Oh wow, so many decisions! I was thinking another bookcase would be great, but then again, I'm not sure if it'll work if you go with curtains. I do love curtains because I feel they warm up a space, but then again, it looks as though you have a pretty & private view, so maybe you won't want to cover up the windows.

    See! I'm no help! I'm terrible at making decisions! lol

  6. I like the open space myself!


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