Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Favourite Time to Decorate and the 6 Week Countdown

6 weeks has usually been my marker for when I feel I can officially start to decorate outside for the
Christmas holidays.
At this point in time, decorations are usually starting to appear in my neighbourhood
and I gather up branches of all sorts in preparation for decorating my outdoor urns and planters.

I usually look back at how I decorated the year before such as in the pic of my kitchen below...
basically repeat that with the odd adjustment here and there.

This year I was challenged by an already frozen soil in my planters which means I will not be able to reproduce much of what I did last year.


So I am going to have to step outside of the box a bit....
the addition of a fireplace mantle will make that easier.
However, at this point the fireplace is still a work in progress.

In the meantime,
some inspiration pics from Pinterest are helping me consider a new style direction....

I am loving both these examples...
I have done wreaths before but these are simply
Large and fantastic!

I think that this might be the year of the branches....

 I always love the idea of simple as in the image below...

And finally, I think I am going to take a lesson from Sarah Richardson,
the addition of festive colours can do a lot to add to a decorative feeling around the home at this time of year without any great expense.

So, here goes....
officially the outdoor decorating begins
and as of December 1st I am moving indoors to take care of the rest.

À Bientôt


  1. I like what you've done in the kitchen. Do you think I can get one of my granddaughters to pose like that for the next six weeks? maybe they could all take a turn if I buy them cute red coats. ~ Maureen

  2. I love this issue with Sarah's farmhouse and the front foyer. She can pull it off.
    Your kitchen looks like it's getting in the festive spirit. Love it.

  3. Your decorations are very inspirational to me as I go forth in a new place, a new home, to decorate.
    There are lots and lots of pines, including the aromatic pinons, and junipers about this property as well as some strange bushes, I know not what they are, I can gather branches.
    I don't see any large pine cones so I'm glad I brought a few from my California yard; they will take a place of importance in the holiday decorating scheme as will the old large red bows we hung outside the garages at the old house.
    Here (New Mexico) the overriding theme are ristras (amazing red chilies to hang outside) and farolitas/luminarias to line drives and entrances. I don't know if we'll go that route, but it is a thought.
    By-the-way, a dear friend ordered a lovely ristra for us and had it delivered the day we moved in...very thoughtful, don't you think.

    1. Wow, sounds fascinating Jill! I had to google the Rista which is lovely by the way. And yes, how sweet of that dear friend of yours. Very thoughtful indeed! Jill, have you thought about getting a google email? I would love to be able to respond directly to an email account. could share some photos with me?? ;)Donna

    2. Donna I do have a gmail Send me a message and I will TRY to send you some pictures of my new home. I'm not very adept at cyberspace navigation, but I'll give it a good go!

  4. Have fun! You've got gorgeous inspiration to help you along. Your kitchen window looked lovely last year...I love it!

  5. Have fun decorating, whatever you end up doing!

  6. Hi Donna! You found some great inspiration photos for your home. You could do those large wreaths on your living room windows! It's too bad your soil froze already. I'm glad I did my pots earlier. Do you think you could bring your pots in the house for a couple of days to thaw it enough to poke greens into them? I might put up our tree this weekend but, I'm exhausted from my trip to NYC so we'll see. :) I look forward to seeing your new look outdoors.

  7. These are fab! I have to admit I have been counting the days when I can start decorating the house for St Nicks!


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