Friday, November 23, 2012

Star light....first star I see tonight

... will probably be the stars that are going to fill my home this year for the holiday season.
Oh yah.
I love it.

The Christmas that we took our daughter home to meet the family she was only 10 days old.
It was an 8 hour car drive to our first stop where she would meet her auntie...
As usual her auntie had decorated her home in such a creative and lovely way that I find myself still thinking about how much I loved her hand-cut decorations.....stars. 

They were hanging from her mantel in much the same ways these stars are hanging from the garland in the image below...

Source: via An Anglo on Pinterest

What I loved about her stars were the roughness of the cut... equal points were not an issue for her and it made them so unique.
Many a photo was taken in front of that fireplace mantel.
So, I am officially going with that theme.

I may not get as industrious as some of these individuals obviously did....

but I like the idea of a theme to guide me this year.
I think the fact that there is still scaffolding in our living room has thrown me off somewhat.
Oh and yes we do have a party in a very short period of time.....

I mean, really, how easy is that....

Certainly this one has a lovely vintage feel and easy to reproduce.

Last year I bought some of these paper stars at Pier1 in the liquidation bin for about 1.50$ so I will be using them again.

If I had time I might actually try to make these, they are soooo lovely.
But, yes, I do believe this is my second post on what I am planning to do so perhaps my next
will actually be on what I have done....
If I can only get rid of the scaffolding!!!

À Bientôt


  1. Love the start theme and maybe you could hang a bunch of them from the scaffolding! ~ Maureen

  2. It's so simple and yet such a lovely, classic theme! Love it.

    I love Maureen's idea of hanging them from the scaffolding, lol!!


  3. Love the stars. You found some great inspiration photos. I have a couple of twig stars that I love using. I'm thinking of incorporating one into my mantel this year.

  4. I just saw this post about a simple star that this woman made as a tree topper. I could see that looking great in a room with scaffolding. Here is teh link:

  5. I love your star inspiration! I have some wool felt, odd shaped stars on my tree. I might just take a few off and hang them somewhere. Thanks for sharing...Ann

  6. You know what? Hang stars from the scaffolding! :D

    I have a crazy fascination with stars. I always have. Clothing with stars, star jewelry, star home accents....I'm always buying star themed items. Makes me wonder if subconsciously I think I AM a star! lol

  7. Pretty stars! I would love to put stars on our barn like in that photo with the white building.

  8. Wow, I love this star post. Stars would make a fantastic theme for Christmas. My theme this year is fresh greenery and candles. I'm keeping things very simple!!!

  9. I say decorate the scaffolding with stars - now wouldn't that be unique?
    Beautiful photos!

  10. Oh what beautiful inspiration photos.
    Can't wait to see that fireplace done....


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