Thursday, December 20, 2012

A twist on the Réveillon

I love planning what we will eat during our Christmas Eve celebration, 

known here in Québec as ....Un Réveillon...
which is traditionally a night of food, family and 

This year I have decided to change it up a bit.
Oh there will still be a walk outdoors to enjoy the snow, create hearts,  throw some snowballs.....
and our traditional snow angels.
We are fewer in numbers which gives me a chance to step outside of the oh too familiar recipe box....

Of course I will never be able to omit tourtière from the menu
nor une bûche de noël
I am going to add in some other succulent surprises
that we can enjoy over the course of the evening feast.

First up on the menu will be this recipe for some scrumptious scallops....
mmmmmm... delicious?
(click here for a recipe...)

Perhaps there is one person at the table who will be skeptical at first
but I am sure he will come around once he tastes the culinary wonders of scallops served in a light  cream sauce flavoured by touches of saffron!

After that we will have a small bowl of butternut squash and apple soup....
not too much though as we do not want to become full at this point in the evening.
(click here for a recipe)

Accompanied by an extremely cold glass of Persecco
we can cruise into the next phase of our evening feeling satisfied but not complete.

Following the soup we will probably open our first gift from under the tree and  share a few good laughs...

and we will will also need an opportunity to get the dog outside for a quick run.... as well as a few of our own annual antics.

And of course to work back up our appetite
for la pièce de résistance......Tourtière

This year I plan to serve a version of tourtière that comes from the Lac Saint Jean region of Québec,
not far from where we live....

 This version makes it easier to prepare individual portions in small ramekins so that each person will have a nice personal treat providing them with the best of what this dish has to offer....
a lovely crust with a beautifully seasoned meat filling. 
(click here for the recipe...)

 The filling is as unique as the dish itself, with the variety of recipes being as personal and individual as each family that prepares it on Christmas eve.
Served with a nice full bodied red wine there is no question that the tourtière lovers will probably want a second helping,
but that will not be a good idea since
the following is a treat they all love....


La Bûche de Noël....
Ricardo has one of the best recipes for a variety of different flavours.

After that we will head in next to  the tree and  the fire with a plate of local cheeses and our favourite dessert wine...
If you haven't tried this wine you will be amazed at its velvety texture and taste of pear.

It is the perfect end to the evening with a lovely serving of brie, oka cheese or le migneron from the Charlevoix....

At this point it is all about anticipation....
and of course preparation.
Do you have special plans for Christmas eve?

Oh and I am joining:
Wow us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style
Cottage Magpie and the Christmas Parade with our tradition
À Bientôt


  1. Love the choices.

    My grandmother who since passed was a French Canadian from Quebec. She used to make some pies with meat and one with salmon.

    1. I love a good tarte au saumon...probably more than the meat version but the boys around here get very fussy about that. :)

  2. Donna, this sounds so yummy. I love that the French have such great Christmas eve traditions and enjoy a wonderful meal. We don't do anything much after our candle light service at church. No family and our son goes to friends. Other friends are busy with family so we are alone. I don't like it much but that's the way it is. Thanks for sharing the recipes and your traditions with us.

  3. I'm going to miss the Reveillon dinners in New Orleans this Christmas. We've decided not to celebrate Christmas there because it will be too sad with Trip having just lost his mom and dad this year.

    Your plans for your Reveillon dinner sounds fantastic! Yum!!!

    We have very special plans for Christmas Eve this year, but I can't tell you because they're top secret!


  4. The dishes sound delicious. My bil in northern Ontario is French and his mom used to make the best tourtiere. Our Christmas Eve is spent with my sister's family, my Dad, my brother and his wife, a nephew and his family and any other family members that end up in the area. 15- 25 people, lots of great food at an early dinner and then 9 pm Mass.

  5. My mouth is watering. Everything looks and sounds so gourmet!! Sounds like a fabulous evening.
    Mary Alice


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