Friday, December 28, 2012

The Favourites, the popular, the proud and the never meant to be...

Well, I run a teeny, tiny blog here...
a little release from the "job".

So as I approach another year it is  fun looking back at the various posts
from the past year,
choosing a few to share with you again before the year is up....
(You can click on any of the images to go to the original post.... if you like)

the popular
This year the post for a  magazine copycat challenge at Debbie-doo's continues to get hits as well as pins on Pinterest.
Nope, never would have guessed that one so,
I am calling that one above... the popular.

the proud

The decision to finally start work on the backyard
was a good one,
a bit of a quick one but timing was everything.... some of you may remember the appearance
of a digger in our backyard.

Anyway, the fireplace pit is a big hit and after building it myself in one afternoon....
I am calling that one the  proud....

family favourite

And this one would be voted the favourite by my family since it involved a flatscreen TV
and a designated space for movie-watching.
but while that gives them a space for movies....
this one really hits the top of own personal favourite.

personal favourite

Yep, the fireplace installation.
But that post will continue into the new year as we have to make some decisions
about ceramic and finishes for this new favourite of mine...

oh and yes.... the never meant to be....well perhaps not yet...
those darn bookshelves.
I started out last year building this on the left side of the french doors....

first attempt

second attempt
only to move them to the right side  (second attempt)....
OH, and then to take them completely down to be replaced by this.

I will show you more of the completed armoire  in the new year...
but for now since
I am in an out of here during the holidays
I want to wish you all a
Happy New Year everyone!

À Bientôt


  1. I love the simplicity of the evergreen wreath on your white fireplace (what do you call that part of a fireplace - the name eludes me). Great post. I missed the copycat challenge so I'm going back to have a look.

    Happy New Year!

  2. What gorgeous photos Donna - I just love your home!
    Bonne Annee a vous aussi mon ami!

  3. Hi Donna! Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope it's filled with blessings. I love all the changes in your sweet home this past year and I guess my favourite would be the living room fireplace with the matching love seats. And I can't wait to see this new armoire. It looks beautiful! You have a great eye for decorating and I really like your style. Enjoy being out and about. Blessings, Pamela

  4. I'm glad you shared this review because I seem to think I missed a few of these. Your home looks beautiful, Donna. Happy New Year to you & your family!

  5. They are all beautiful projects. You did a lot of great work this year. Your home looks amazing.

  6. I love your living room! Really pretty!

  7. I love your style. I actually love the fireplace the way it is. I love the starkness and the simplicity. It looks old, but new and Scandinavian.

    The bookcase pictorial is funny; that's something I would do. I love the glimpse of how it turned out. Good move.

    1. Thank you and I agree completely about the Scandinavian feel that is coming out of it right now. The only treatment we are considering is the tiling that has to go on the floor under the opening as well as a possible small tile that might finish off the actual build-in. But, other than that we are hoping to paint it all out in the new year and keep it looking really clean and simple.
      I bet that will not be the end of my bookcase woes...I want them too badly... but my new quick access to power tools seems to possibly over-power any probability of patience? ;)

  8. Love all the pics!! Especially the fireplace....
    Everything looks so warm and toasty.....

    Happy New Year!!
    All the Best in 2013!!

  9. I'm still jealous of your outdoor fireplace! Your home is so inviting and seems to reflect your personality so well.


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