Friday, December 21, 2012

The Snow Factor in Christmas Decorating Outdoors

So, every year around the end of November,
I decorate our black iron urns that line the stairs up to our home....
and they look like this.

And just as I do indoors,
I will often add or edit the urns over the course of the month leading up to Christmas

Sometimes due to branches breaking off in the cold or the need for a little jolt of colour

but eventually it ends up that the colourful bow is all you see
as the snow pulls down and hides all the branches.
Sure I can go out and wipe them off but usually a few branches will come out with the frozen
so I am careful,
you just cannot fight mother nature and apparently there is a big storm she is sending our way...
as I head off shopping.
Yes, that's right, off to do my Christmas shopping.....
4 days left ......

How about you, are you all done?

 À Bientôt


  1. They are SO pretty until the snow crushes them :(

    The citrus trees are bearing fruit here. It's not the traditional image of Christmas.

    I've still a little shopping to do.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Well, the wind and snow we are getting right now....citrus trees sound absolutely lovely!
      Merry Christmas!!

  2. Yes it's been snowing here all day...
    quite heavy packing snow...
    Done!! Done!! Done!!
    Merry Christmas Donna!!

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  4. I love your urns! And yes they do get buried under the weight of the snow. I am all done my shopping and it's all wrapped. I probably forgot something but it can wait I think. Enjoy the snow! It's raining here. :( I hope it doesn't melt our beautiful snow.

  5. Not even close to done here! We didn't get the storm so everything looks muddy and grey but maybe a bit will fall for Christmas eve.

  6. Your urn full of branches is very pretty. My niece, who lives in Montreal, got out of the are just as the storm was coming in. She's going by Greyhound all the way to Northern BC! Three days and four hours of riding on Greyhound. That would be mind numbing, I'm afraid. Or bottom numbing, as the case may be. :) Anyways, yes, I'm pretty much done and ready! I was reading down on the next post and your meal for Christmas Eve sounds very yummy! I adore scallops! Merry Christmas and we will converse in the New Year!!!
    Hugs, Cindy


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