Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Art Rules

I always find myself attracted to images that incorporate a no rules
approach to hanging art....

there is a sense of personality that seems to jump out of the image
along with an impression that
the person behind that image did not necessarily measure the wall nor cut out pieces of craft paper to represent their frames...
they simply did not
follow any rules.

and many of their pieces are personal to them,
not necessarily of any monetary value... perhaps a photograph or watercolour or oil painting that they love
just had to have. 

And maybe it was just about shapes and the added value of reflection...

Sometimes making it look un-planned .... takes serious planning.

And perhaps knowing that you can and should take the opportunity to hang art from your bookshelves,
when the mood is right....

Is quite simply
all about just knowing how to hang art...

Makes me wonder if there really are any rules...
I did a gallery wall once which sort of went like this.....

Is hanging art really an art itself?
Are you a no-rules person when you hang art?

À Bientôt


  1. Oh, yes, I usually try to follow the rules. Everything is hung with care at the proper height and spacing in between. But, rules are sometimes made to be broken. I love some of the photos you showed. They have personality.

  2. I love your inspiration photos and it is so true that breaking the rules can bring life to an art arrangement. My favourite is Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home's front entrance with the orange door and the randomly hung sketches. Here is the link:

  3. I love these! I have a hard time hanging pictures. I always want to balance everything and make it neat and tidy, which is not always the best way to hang art! This gives me some inspiration (and an excuse to buy more art!)

  4. Hanging art is most definitely an art - I'm not sure of the rules to make it right - but I most definitely know when it's wrong lol

  5. I love the photos.

    I like to hang pictures both ways.

  6. I myself go through waves where I have tons of stuff on the walls...and then I get sick of it all and want a sparse look and purge. I'm so up and down! :)

  7. When we moved to northern New Mexico this house has plaster walls and although I know you can hang things, I am reluctant to do so just yet. Therefore all my 'art' resides in packing boxes in the garage awaiting placement. I'm getting used to the bare walls and may just go with them for a while.

  8. You know what....I have this narrow wall between the kitchen and dining room. I've been thinking about turning it into a gallery wall, with art from the ceiling down to the floor. I think I'll go for it after seeing this post. You've inspired me, Donna!


  9. They say you need to know the rules to be able to break them with style. I love the European way of having a piece of art partly obscured. It seems to say, "We have such an abundance of great art that we don't need to put it all out in plain view."!


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