Monday, January 7, 2013

Inspiration Monday Gingham Style

I am not sure if you mastered gangnam style over the holidays...
there was a bit of that going on in this house during the month of December.

Yes, some awkward moments for our teenage son when he witnessed both
mother and father attempting a sideways gallop and a hop and a.....well, you can imagine...

Perhaps he is happy to have the holidays over and feel the calmness of January replace that unpredictable month of never-ending socializing.

Well, I know that I find myself searching for a few small projects that can see me through the
winter months...
and I think I might have a desire for some gingham in my life.
Not a lot mind you...
just a hit somewhere.

Here is my inspiration for Monday....
gingham style.

Maybe a couple of pillows will do nicely in our basement TV room.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

This is great in a guest room or perhaps a boy's room?

I have a very similar chair sitting in our daughter's bedroom and it definitely needs an update...
as does her room.

Of course this one got me at the blue and white decor.


Or maybe I could simply make a gingham cover for Jack's bed...
Is gingham a bit too country?

À Bientôt


  1. Oh I adore the cushions in the first photo and that sink skirt is awesome!!!!

    gingham style - lol!

  2. A little gingham sounds wonderful Donna. I love gingham and the large pattern is really great with any decor I think. Love the last photo with the raspberry red wall and chairs. Yum! I would love to see some video of you and hubby doing your little dance - gangham style. :)

  3. I love gingham! Love it! On the other hand, gangnam, I could do without! Lol

  4. I have noticed a lot of gingham on Pinterest as well and it does not seem to be connected with country decor particularly. I have thought of doing a post showing some of the beautiful images that I have found with gingham at centre stage.
    I LOVE it and have wondered how I can incorporate it in my home. I'm thinking some red and white gingham would be perfect in my kitchen, not too much just a couple of pops of it. That's one thing that I have noticed, each of the rooms that you featured had just one or two (the pillows) pops of gorgeous gingham.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. LOL You're asking the wrong person because I love gingham! :D I don't think it's too country. As a matter of fact, I think the larger checks are bold and can look great in a contemporary or transitional space. I love this post!!!



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